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Etalon Font Download


Introducing new font family Etalon in a sans serif style.

It has 33 different fonts:
• width is from Thin to Extrabold
• regular, italic, stroked, italic stroked, stripes
• TTF and OTF files are included
• multi language support

Ps Willy Small But Fine Font Download

 Ps Willy Small But Fine

Willy small but fine is a typeface with a wink. This display font is based on existing piquant form from the immediate vicinity. It is sexy, if you have an eye for. But it also should not be taken too seriously, especially because it has a humorous slant. The font has its origins in an art project. It is now made available for design around festifals, parties, invitations, etc.

Biotif Font Download


BIOTIF is a modern Grotesque sans serif with a geometric typical characters, Inspired by Modern Style & Industrial Era Typographic and Graphic design, comes in 16 weights from Light to Black, BIOTIF is was manually hinted and optimized in small sizes for screens.

All the other characters can be accessed through the Opentype features. Fractions, Tabular Lining, Ligature, Alternate Characters, Circle Numbers, Symbols, arrow and more.

Of course support for Multi-Language (Latin Extended) Wester European, Central European & South European.

Wudoo Font Download


Cavolini™ Font Download


The Cavolini™ typeface family, by Carl Crossgrove, is unique to handwriting fonts. It is a family of several designs, and it was developed for imaging on small screens. While drawn for a specific use, the family is also equally at home in many interactive and print applications. Cavolini has all the casual charm and immediacy of handwriting, while maintaining high levels of typographic clarity.