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Conthrax Font Download


Conthrax is a fourteen font, sans serif family by Typodermic Fonts Inc. Conthrax has extensive Latin language support, supports the languages Cyrillic, Greek and more (151) and features multiple weights.

Attaboy Font Download


Attaboy is a posh word for ‘well done’. It was made with a broken marker pen to give it that ‘eroded’ look. It is an all caps typeface, but upper and lower case can be mixed. Attaboy comes with stylistic alternates for the lower case glyphs and all the diacritics you need.

Trop Magus Font Download

 Trop Magus

Trop Magus is a rugged typeface following in the tradition of Ramon Llull and Jean Jannon. Llull’s illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages inspired many later Alchemical texts in the Renaissance. And it was during this era, in 1615, that Jannon cut the matrices for Typi Academiae.

The Trop Magus typeface includes:

- Sixty-five Alchemical and Astrological symbols

- Multi-language glyph set

- Old Style figures

- Four sets of alternate glyphs

- Pseudo-Random OpenType features

Auro Font Download


Auro is a friendly, rounded sans serif that was created as a contemporary typeface solution for branding, editorial use or any other application that requires legibility with a touch of personality.

Bali Beach Font Download

 Bali Beach

Bali Beach is a script handwritten font with a casual, inky and modern look. You can use the alternates and ligatures to give your design a realistic, hand painted look.

If you find a single repeating glyph, you can change that by toggling between Stylistic Alternates. There are Cyrillic glyphs and more then 150 playful Dingbats with inky texture.

Bali Beach is the perfect choice for all natural and unconventional beautiful things.