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Certa Serif Font Download

 Certa Serif

Seven Seas Font Download

 Seven Seas

Some time ago, my son asked me to name all Seven Seas. I had to think for a bit, because I can think of more than 7 seas (the North Sea, the Caspian Sea, the South China Sea, the Sea Of Okhotsk, etc.), but apparently these are not part of the BIG Seven. It turns out that even oceans count as ‘seas’.
Long story short, I created a font, had to think of my son’s question and named the font Seven Seas.

Seven Seas is a hand made serif that comes with swashed alternatives for a lot of glyphs.

Straffespark Font Download


Straffespark was finished while watching Denmark play against Croatia in soccer. Denmark lost, but the danish keeper (Kasper Schmeichel) managed to save a few penalties for Denmark. And, “Straffespark” is danish for “Penalty” ... hopefully one day, I will finish a font called something like “Victory for Denmark” :)

Alliance™ Font Download


Alliance™ 28 weights, 14 uprights and its matching italics.

Each typeface contains over 592 glyphs with extensive Western, Central and Eastern European language support.


Beach Please Vintage Font Download

 Beach Please Vintage

Beach Please Vintage
Is a font family designed with pointed brush and watercolours adding a grunge-rough texture.After the success of Beach Please, we release a new version, keeping the relaxed and tender brush, a bit inspired by sign painting.
The caps have a bizarre look because of the reversed contrast on some letters.
We have a slanted, wide version for each weight.