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Raindrop Font Download


Raindrop is a fun and flirty typeface that pulls inspiration from editorial illustration. Each letter was carefully crafted to feel hand made and give the appearance of custom lettering. Through a variety of stylistic alternates and pairings, Raindrop is the perfect typeface choice for projects that aim for a one-of-a-kind feel when hiring a lettering artist isn't an option.

Raindrop is made up of three separate styles being serif, sans, and script. The ability to pair styles together will add texture and personality to your design, leaving the viewer wondering: lettering or type?

Liesel™ Font Download


What happens when historical calligraphy and modern lettering kiss? Liesel!

This eight-font, hand-lettered family is loosely based on traditional letterforms. Used alone, Liesel Regular reflects a warm, antique aesthetic. But when you pair her with Brush, Pencil, and Shadow - all of which were designed for layering - a modern, artistic look emerges! Experiment with textures, overlays and blending modes to create realistic water colored text. Both Liesel Printed & Liesel Shadow Printed are highly detailed, distressed versions of their solid counterparts, and can be layered to recreate an authentic letterpress or screen printed effect. Two bonus social media icon sets can be used in conjunction with Liesel or on their own for integrating into websites and business collateral. .

Rough Patch Font Download

 Rough Patch

Rough Patch is a quirky, handmade display font with a serious amount of erosion. Comes with all the diacritics you need and a band aid to boot!

Avontuur Font Download


Avontuur means ‘Adventure’ in Dutch. I named this font Avontuur, because it’s been a while since I had one…
Avontuur was based on my Plakkaat font - I changed the upper case a bit, so it is more legible and I added a very nice lower case as well. Comes with all the bells & whistles, so I guess you should have yourself an Avontuur!

Neo Sans® Font Download

 Neo Sans®

Neo Sans began as an intriguing assignment from a branding agency. The agency’s client wanted an “ultra modern” type family that was "futuristic without being gimmicky or ephemeral.” When a bureaucratic decision cancelled the project, Monotype staff designer Sebastian Lester decided to finish the design on his own. “I was left with a sketchbook full of ideas,” he said, “and thought it would be a shame not to see what came of them.”

Lester decided that the principal ingredient of an “ultra modern” typeface was simplicity of character structure: a carefully drawn, monoline form, open letter shapes and smooth, strong curves. By further amplifying these qualities, he crossed the line from modern to futuristic.