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Sprout™ Font Download


Sprout is a low-contrast sans serif, slightly condensed for economy of space, and complete with 6 weights in Roman and Italic. It has open apertures and a generous x-height for clarity of reading. It also comes with a weight balanced italic, which can be used for differentiation or as a standalone typeface in itself. The defining feature of the family is the taut curve, where the inner counter pushes out toward the outer contour, creating a feeling of tension in the curve. In the italic this shape language is pushed further, with a playful looped g and cursive form of the f. Sprout also comes with Old Style figures. Its range of weights makes for a versatile family suitable for branding, on-screen publishing and long-form reading.

Sarun Pro Font Download

 Sarun Pro

Sarun is a typeface that harmonises between Humanist, Geometric and Industrial Sans, it would be a bit problematic to define its definite character. Nevertheless, Sarun is very compatible with layouts and super easy to use in a variety of designs. Not only is Sarun equipped with Italic, Small Caps and a complete Alternate set, it also contains the 10 most significant Cryptocurrency signs.

Sarun consists of 10 weights and 3 widths along with Italic in every styles.

Tobacco Box Font Download

 Tobacco Box

Hello! Introducing a vintage look font named “Tobacco Box”. The font has a useful OpenType feature - 15 stilystic alternates, that helps you to fit letters better in your lettering compositions.

Littlemetry Font Download


One day I was sitting in front of my computer and wanted to start a new Photoshop project, but I was missing a font. A font that is stylish, modern, clean and fits almost every occasion. Then I got the idea, I just develop my own font. Said done, I got down to work. I had great fun developing the complex structures of letters and numbers as well as symbols. Day after day, I sat at the project, watching as it evolved and the individual letters merge into a font. Then at some point the day came when the last symbol evolved. I was very happy and very happy to finally see my own font in front of me. In addition, I was even happier to have finally found a suitable font for my Photoshop Project.

Gretel Script Font Download

 Gretel Script

This quirky script is packed with features. Best of all: Optical sizes! The three style family is based on the writing of calligrapher Natascha Safarik. All glyphs were redrawn manually to produce vector shapes that look perfect in literally every size!