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Walbaum Font Download


First designed in the early 1800s, Walbaum never achieved the audience or acclaim it deserved – despite its easy elegance, and sophisticated persona. It’s been fully restored for this expansive family, which includes 32 weights including ornaments and two decorative cuts.

Banks & Miles Font Download

 Banks & Miles

K-Type’s ‘Banks & Miles’ fonts are inspired by the geometric monoline lettering created for the British Post Office in 1970 by London design company Banks & Miles, a project initiated and supervised by partner John Miles, and which included ‘Double Line’ and ‘Single Line’ alphabets. The new digital typeface is a reworking and extension of both alphabets.

Banks & Miles Double Line is provided in three weights – Light, Regular and Dark – variations achieved by adjusting the width of the inline.

Krimhilde Font Download


Krimhilde was originally designed by Albert Auspurg and released in 1933 with the type foundry Ludwig & Mayer. The design mixes elements of German blackletter typefaces and geometric sans-serif designs, which became popular in the 1920s in the movement known as New Typography.
The FDI version of Krimhilde offers both original styles (regular and bold) as “version A” with a full Latin 1 character set. “Version B” has alternative shapes for some letters to make the design more legible for people who are not familiar with the German blackletter shapes.
In addition, there are optional display styles available (outline, shadow and fill), which can be used separately or together to create a chromatic layout.

Arlon Font Download


Arlon makes it easy to give any brand or advertising a cool & futuristic look. Thanks to its spurless letterforms and some uncommonly shaped letters, this typeface creates a strong visual impact even in small sizes. Having generously rounded angles and terminals, Arlon also spreads warmth and friendliness. To sum up, Arlon communicates an affinity for technology – in a friendly way.

The family contains a really wide span from thin to black and has many Opentype features as well as many numerical variations to offer, making it a versatile font.

Ana Font Download


Ana is a chromatic typeface consisting of 26 uppercase Latin characters, inspired by arabesque patterns from the nineteenth century. Programmed to enable users to easily create multicolored drop caps and initials, this decorative display typeface features a different ornament for every letterform, which fits perfectly with its glyph shape. This ornament is usually more luxurious on the left side of the letter, while on the right it is scarce, so that the body text can be placed close to the initial. These initials are valuable for use in large sizes, like posters, magazines, packaging design, fairy tales, and so on.
The final forms of the initials consist of 5 parts which can be individually colored. There are 5 font files named Ana Layer A, Ana Layer B, and so on. A font user can manually create a multicolored initial with these font files, if there is no possibility to use the Contextual Alternates option. To do that, it is necessary to make 5 layers in the page layout software. Then, the corresponding character should be placed on each layer, so that Ana Layer A is on the lowest layer and Ana Layer E is on the highest one. Note that the glyph shapes are contained in the lower case positions.
In contrast, the font file named Ana is programmed, so it is possible to create a multicolored initial with the Contextual Alternates command. There is no need for additional layers, everything happens on a single layer. First, the Contextual Alternates command (usually under OpenType menu) should be disabled. Then, using lower case key, type the desired character 5 times and apply color to them. Select them all and turn on the Contextual Alternates.
Also, the font file Ana comes with a set of ‘black’ initials that can be used just like any other non-color typeface. The ornamental versions are contained in the uppercase positions, while the letters without the ornaments are in the lower case.
With the font file Ana Monochrome one can only get the monochrome initials. Ornamental letters are contained in the upper case positions, while the letterforms without the ornaments are in the lower case.