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Dedica Font Download

font family from Dalton Maag, added January 28th


At first glance Dedica appears to be a traditional font which can be classified as a Modern style, but there are many subtle design details, such as asymmetric serifs, which differentiate it from the usual designs in the same genre. Dedica is ideally suited to applications which demand a high degree of tradition and functionality, but also require confident individuality. At large sizes Dedica expresses itself with bold individuality, but at small sizes its inherent legibility shines through. Even at the very smallest sizes, Dedica still looks good.


Astrochemistry Font Download

font family from Typodermic, added January 25th


Astrochemistry is a heavy, square font which creates stunning headlines, contrasting smoothly with

sans-serif body copy. It represents the state-of-the-art of cutting through complex situations & rigid systems, extending outward to influence change & in turn, helping clients envision product brands that connect with the target, build preference and win the battle at the moment of truth. You better believe it, buddy.


JWX Twisted Star Font Download

font family from Janworx, added January 25th

JWX Twisted Star

Being a Star is one thing, but being a Twisted one is even better!


Moiser Font Download

font family from Qbotype, added January 24th


Ekologie Hand Font Download

font family from Måns Grebäck, added January 30th

Ekologie Hand