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Red Top Font Download

font family from Studio K, added January 15th

Red Top

Red Top is the UK name for the tabloid press, the scandal sheets of journalism, scourge of royalty, errant politicians and public figures, and celebrants of sex, celebrity and astrology: all human life is there as they used to say in the now defunct News of the World. For the budding media moguls amongst you – or for designers who want to make their headlines shout a little louder – here at last is Red Top the font. Splash it all over!


Grafiker Font Download

font family from Hanoded, added January 15th


Grafiker means ‘Graphic Designer’ in German. This fat, colored, uneven font with a 1001 uses was loosely based on the work of designers Oskar Kokoschka (1886 - 1980) and Jean Carlu (1900 - 1997). The glyphs were hand-drawn with a 0.5 roller ball and colored in with Chinese ink, using a stiff brush. The result is a lively, rather unusual font.


PF Din Text Compressed Std® Font Download

font family from Parachute, added January 15th

PF Din Text Compressed Std®

This is a new scaled-down version of the popular DIN Text Pro series. It is a more economic version which supports all European languages based on the Latin script. The DIN Text Std families have retained several of the original version’s opentype features and characteristics.

Each family comes with 756 glyphs per font including small caps and 15 flexible weights.


Imperial Granum™ Font Download

font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added January 15th

Imperial Granum™

Imperial Granum is designed primarily as a Roman Title and lettering face, combining formality and dignity with a delightful touch of ‘Arts and Crafts’ like hand drawn design. The regular form of Imperial Granum (which is inspired by a beautifully hand-lettered early 20th century food advertisement) offers two sizes of capitals, in order to provide true 'small-capitals' lettering. Similarly, the Ornamental form consists exclusively of capitals and is designed to be able to mix and match with the regular form.

The miniscule form can, of course, be used in its own right, but is primarily intended to complement

the regular and ornamental forms. All three faces are offered in regular and bold weights. Explore some Edwardian Arts and Crafts typographical fun today!


Valentine's Letters™ Font Download

font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added January 15th

Valentine's Letters™

Remember party banners made out of string and letters on cutout card shapes? Well, Valentine’s letters is the typeface equivalent of these joyful banners. Valentine’s Letters will let you string heart shapes, each bearing an individual character across the page, making a romance filled banner. Have fun!