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Scaramouche™ Font Download

font family from Fenotype, added February 23rd


Scaramouche is a decorative and playful connected script. Scaramouche family has three weights

and matching ornament sets. For the best price purchase the whole family.

Scaramouche has plenty of alternate characters; click on Swash, Contextual or Stylistic alternates

in any OpenType savvy program for decorative alternates.


Fair Sans Font Download

font family from District, added February 23rd

Fair Sans

Fair Sans is a distinctive sans-serif with much of its calligraphic structure left intact. Its casual construction and unconventional letterforms create a unicase family that’s relaxed and lively at the same time. Includes four weights and two widths, ligatures, and extras.


CDuflos Font Download

font family from Eurotypo, added February 23rd


Claude Duflos was a French engraver and printmakers at the end of the 1600s.


Astalamet Pro Font Download

font family from GRIN3 (Nowak), added February 23rd

Astalamet Pro

Astalamet Pro is a new, completely redesigned and improved version of my font AstalametPure,

which was released for the first time in 2001.

Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic

and Turkish languages.


XXII Blackened Wood™ Font Download

font family from Doubletwo Studios, added February 23rd

XXII Blackened Wood™

XXII BlackenedWood is the cheap alternative for you to easy create a logo for your band or whatever. Or you may use it for badly readable texts of evil looking black magic books. It comes with a Latin-Extended-A characterset and a little bunch of symbols and signs often used in the extreme music sector – classical occult stuff from Death- and Blackmetal like pentagrams and crosses, drips…