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ALS Schlange Slab Font Download

font family from Art. Lebedev Studio, added February 27th

ALS Schlange Slab

Schlange is a rich typeface with rounded terminals. The family includes five sans serifs and five slab serifs in weights from ultra liight to bold. Schlange’s personality is determined by an open aperture

and quite large lower case characters in comparison with the upper case set.

Schlange’s personality is open and friendly, giving a text it’s used for a soft, warm appeal. Schlange

will work well as a display type (think titles, short magazine call-outs, ad banners, and such), but it’s

not a good choice for extensive bodies of academic text. Available in numerous weights, the typeface provides rich opportunities for mixing and matching and is great for typographic compositions.

These qualities make Schlange a dream type for a packaging designer. It will feel at home in design

for cosmetics or sweets, postcards, children’s books and menus.


Masterics Font Download

font family from Måns Grebäck, added February 27th


Emjay Font Download

font family from A New Machine, added February 27th


Emjay is a whimsical hand drawn all caps serif font. It has 4 glyphs per letter - upper and lowercase as well as 2 more sets of glyphs - that make for a more unnatural handmade feel. Any user can interchange letters using caps and lowercase. With contextual alternates on, opentype programs will place different glyphs automatically. Also includes a number of ligatures for even more unique type setting. Great for use in posters, headlines, invitations, etc.


Phraell Font Download

font family from Måns Grebäck, added February 27th


Pumpkin Soup Font Download

font family from Hanoded, added February 27th

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup is delicious! And so is the font. 'Nuf said!