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Abel Pro Font Download

font family from MADType, added February 21st

Abel Pro

Abel is a modern interpretation of the condensed flat-sided sans serif. Originally used for newspaper headlines and posters, this style can also be used for text on the web. Its angled terminals and spiked stems give it enough style to be unique at display sizes, while its mono-weight still works well at smaller text sizes.


Foro Rounded Font Download

font family from Hoftype, added February 21st

Foro Rounded

Foro Rounded is the softer sister of the succesful Foro family. Distinct in appearence, whith pleasant haptic, objective, and with graphic appeal.


Aloha Script Font Download

font family from CBdO Fonts, added February 21st

Aloha Script

Aloha! Veteran Sign Painter Pierre Tardif and Lettering Artist Charles Borges de Oliveria have teamed up to bring you these fun to use brush fonts. Aloha Script comes in two flavors: Aloha Script and Aloha Script Casual. Both fonts contain the same lowercase, alternates, and ligatures – the difference is in the capitals. By mixing both fonts you can create a variety of unique logos. Aloha Scripts Casual can be set in all caps for greater emphasis on captions. Both fonts contains over 100 alternate characters, as well as an assortment of ligatures, swashes and underlines. With over a year and a half in development, Aloha is bound to please. Great for logo design, signs, posters, culinary food packaging and so much more. Aloha!


Enamela Font Download

font family from K-Type, added February 21st


ENAMELA (rhymes with Pamela) is based on condensed sans serif lettering found on vitreous enamel signage dating from the Victorian era and widely used in Britain for road signs, Post Office signs,

the plates on James Ludlow wall postboxes, railway signs, direction signs and circular Automobile Association wayfinding plaques throughout the first half of the twentieth century. In addition to the Medium and Bold weights found on old enamel signs, a new Regular weight and the addition of a convincingly classic lowercase to match the original capitals, make Enámela Condensed a flexible and highly usable typeface. Each weight has a complementary and complimentary italic.


KG Flavor And Frames Font Download

font family from Kimberly Geswein, added February 21st

KG Flavor And Frames

Adorable accents for your work including frames, labels, chevrons, mustaches, and more!