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Bornholm Allinge Font Download

font family from Trine Rask, added February 27th

Bornholm Allinge

Bornholm Allinge is named after a village “Allinge” on the only rocky island in Denmark “Bornholm”.

It is the third face in a series of rough stone cut typefaces, that shares proportions, but differs in any

other aspect like different pieces of rock.


Grenale™ Font Download

font family from insigne, added February 25th


The elegant Grenale brings a new look to the classic didone. This shimmering sans-serif family with

its mild deco shades alters the typical serifs and terminals of the classic style to form a gracefully eye-catching, high-contrast font.


International Font Download

font family from Yes Please, added February 25th


International is an homage to mid-century modernist trilines. Offering contemporary, well-balanced proportions and a lack of heavily dated styling affectations, International brings a uniquely modern sensibility to the triline style.


Prumo Text Font Download

font family from DSType, added February 25th

Prumo Text

Prumo is a new type system, based on a unique skeleton that flows, like a pendulum, from high contrast to low contrast fonts, is a sort of typographic journey, from the eighteen century typefaces to the nineteen century slab serif typefaces, gathering information from the scotch roman fonts on it’s journey.


Kundalini Font Download

font family from Hanoded, added February 25th


Kundalini means ‘coiled’. In yoga it is used to describe an energy or force which lies at the base of the spine and, when awakened, results in deep meditation or even enlightenment. Aaahhh…

Now zoom back to earth: Kundalini font is a great curly typeface with a bit of rough here and there.

It is feminine, happy, kind of esoteric, unusual but very useful.

Kundalini will even enlighten those who speak tongues other than English, as it comes with Nirvanic language support.