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4square Font Download

font family from Studio K, added February 25th


Strength, solidity and style’ neatly encapsulate 4square, a font that combines a sturdy industrial feel with smooth, streamlined contours. It’s definitely got some Microgramma in its DNA, although the proportions are squarer and the letter forms more angular. Designing it has been an exercise in ‘squaring the circle’; to see how close the letter form could approach to a rectangle whilst retaining its curves. The result is a pleasantly softened effect reminiscent of a worn pebble.


Prumo Poster Font Download

font family from DSType, added February 25th

Prumo Poster

Prumo is a new type system, based on a unique skeleton that flows, like a pendulum, from high contrast to low contrast fonts, is a sort of typographic journey, from the eighteen century typefaces to the nineteen century slab serif typefaces, gathering information from the scotch roman fonts on it’s journey.


Arthur Ornaments™ Font Download

font family from SIAS, added February 25th

Arthur Ornaments™

Arthur Ornaments offer a range of about 70 unique ornaments and pictographs in the sophisticated style of the Art Deco era: lavish floral compositions and leaves, borderpieces and geometric elements – and a stunning set of period lifestyle, sports and travel pics. Arthur Ornaments lend a breath of elegance and exclusivity to your designs. Arthur Ornaments is the perfect compagnon to all fonts of the Arthur Sans and Arthur Cabinet font series.


Vox Round™ Font Download

font family from Canada Type, added February 25th

Vox Round™

Vox Round is the softer version of the Vox family.


Rusch Font Download

font family from Proportional Lime, added February 25th


Adolf Rusch von Ingweiler, was in the 19 th century known mysteriously as the “R'' printer. He was the first printer North of the Alps to introduce the new Roman style of type known now as Antiqua. He was active in the city of Strasbourg from around the early 1460’s to 1489. One wonders if the unusual form of “R'' was a personal conceit. This font is, therefore, an Antiqua style font and has over a 1000 defined glyphs with wide support for medieval characters that have since fallen out of use. The baseline was slightly tidied up in order to give the printed text an even cleaner look than the original. The letters are very close approximations of the original type catalogued by the “Veröffentlichungen der Gesellschaft für Typenkunde des 15. Jahrhunderts” as Typ.1:103R GfT1197.