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Stat Text Pro Font Download

font family from Jure Kožuh, added February 27th

Stat Text Pro


Mirror Display Bold Font Download

font family from Mom, added February 27th

Mirror Display Bold

Mirror Display is based on the condensed sans. Developed to ‘double view’ to give readers the same feeling they have when looking to a work of art they don't understand at first glance.


Lounge Font Download

font family from Typomancer, added today


Letrista Script Font Download

font family from Calderon Estudio Type Foundry, added today

Letrista Script

Letrista Script is a product of observation and sensitivity of sign painter artists not only from United States but from other parts of the world, where the brushstrokes letters have reached a high level of importance in different context, where the writing makes fundamental part. With more than 1000 glyphs, this typography was created to achieve a unique texture without losing the legibility or force, to interact with the alternation of decorative characters and adornment that will surprise.


Poster™ Font Download

font family from Type-Ø-Tones, added today


Poster by Íñigo Jerez.

OpenType, 8 styles

Finally, the long awaited full version of Poster, a recreation of Bodonian/Didot excess with which Íñigo Jerez began his collaboration with Type-Ø-Tones in 2008. Now the family has been finely improved with more styles. The family consists of: Poster and Poster Italic, a bolder version named Poster Monster and Poster Monster Italic– a virtuoso exercise in counter forms and contrast to be used with power unleashed, as the name suggests–; and finally Poster Display, Poster Display Italic, Poster Display Monster and Poster Display Monster Italic: four styles designed for even bigger sizes, with more contrast and splendor.