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Brute Sans Font Download

 Brute Sans

»Brute Sans« is a classic Sans typeface that looks like it has been designed by a chainsaw. »Brute Sans« looks really crude only in big sizes, the smaller the font gets the more it looks like any other Sans typeface. »Brute Sans« prints very fast, because there are no curves to compute, but that is just a side effect. »Brute Sans« is the typeface you should use if you need a really different look, since Sans typefaces tend by design to look very similar. This one is different. I always wanted to do this font, but then other projects crept up so I pushed »Brute Sans« to the end of the line. Enjoy!

SHAPIRIT Font Download


The Shapirit family belongs to a category of geometric sans sherif fonts, that was created in 1920s. The main feature of this category is geometric architecture of shapes.
Shapirit family is perfect for headlines, brief texts used on any screen, print as well as logos. The whole family includes 8 fonts from Thin to Black and contains full Hebrew and Latin script. Therefore it is an ideal alternative for any adaptation into Hebrew or any Latin script language.

The word Shapirt (in Hebrew שפירית) means dragonfly. The font’s name was inspired by the dragonfly’s slim and elegant body.

Bordonaro Spur Rounded Font Download

 Bordonaro Spur Rounded

The new version of Bordonaro Spur includes rounded corners. Meet it!

FF Sanuk® Round Font Download

 FF Sanuk® Round

“The rounded shapes are like Chantilly cream or Italian meringue over a lemon pie,” says designer Xavier Dupré of his FF Sanuk Round typeface. Designed to work alongside the existing members of the FF Sanuk family, this sprightly sans serif offers a more mischievous personality than its counterparts. Angular shapes have been gently softened, to create a playful design that really comes into its own at larger sizes. Set this one on posters and packaging, or anywhere you need to be punchy yet approachable.

The FF Sanuk Round family is based on the original FF Sanuk family and offers 5 weights plus from Ultra Light to Black plus italics. It offers OpenType features including stylistic alternates and ligatures.

CemeteryWalk Font Download


CemeteryWalk was designed for a cemetery-walking-tour event. It features upper-case letters (derived from the font Roundup™) on tombstones. It has two styles, a regular style with black letters on white stones and a bold style with white letters on black stones. It is caps only, with the lower-case letters having different shapes for the tombstones but the same letters as in the upper case. The regular style can be overlayed on the bold version to create colored letters on colored grave markers.