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Marsh Mallow Pop Heart Font Download

 Marsh Mallow Pop Heart

“MarshmallowPopHeart” is a cute font that imagined a sweet marshmallow.
Since hearts are mingled in various places such as voiced points and parts of kanji(chinese characters), it may be fun to look for it.

Because the heart is missing, it is recommended for when you want to designing cute.
I think whether it’s good for contents for young ladies. Because it is a thick font, it may be good to use it for headlines and where you want to make it stand out.

TT Barrels Font Download

 TT Barrels

TT Barrels is an elegant scotch style modern serif with strong industrial accents in its design. The TT Barrels project was born from a fictional technical assignment in which we tried to combine the technological effectiveness of industrial production used in engineering and the restrictions imposed by it with a beautiful scotch style serif. We decided to create a typeface that could be used to press letters on the metal body of a car, all while the typeface being elegant, and possessing sophisticated details that are typical of the classic text fonts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Hartwell Font Download


Hartwell is a Neo-humanist sans serif type family. Its strokes and terminal are related to the calligraphic shapes from humanist typefaces in sets with geometric touches. This combination results in a versatile postmodern type family ready to use with many possibilities.

Hartwell comes in 18 weights from thin to heavy plus its matching italics. Moreover, this family has OpenType features such as arrows, ligatures, fractions, special numbers, alternate glyphs, extended language support and many more. Hartwell has the ability to blend perfectly in all sort of projects like editorial design, branding, advertising, headlines and short texts.

Wozniak Font Download


Wozniak is a workhorse sanserif typeface in 16 styles that includes a 16 styles display font on itself. On its default shapes brings a modern, clear and bright personality to the text and a wide range of possibilities by supporting many OpenType features, such as oldstyle, lining & tabular numbers, small caps, inferiors & superiors, discretionary ligatures, numerators & denominators, extended fractions, case sensitivity forms and more, all carefully crafted and balanced for excellent legibility and optimum performance both on screen and on paper. But that’s not all, every style also includes two complete uppercase sets of display alternates and more than 180 stylistic ligatures inspired by the digital revolution and the early 80s aesthetics. All this blend into a flexible and multifunctional set of over 1600 glyphs, support for more than 200 latin script languages and the potentiality of use in long text settings, headlines or branding, travelling from modern to vintage with absolute ease and naturality.
Wozniak was named after Steve Wozniak as a tribute to the pioneers of the digital revolution.

URW Dock Condensed™ Font Download

 URW Dock Condensed™

URW Dock Condensed is the matching complement for the URW Dock. Including 20 additional condensed styles the URW Dock Condensed is the space-saving alternative in the URW Dock family.
URW Dock is a contemporary geometric type family rooted in the square sans genre. Inspired by the square sans typefaces of the 60s, it is a reinterpretation and enhancement particularly designed for today’s requirements of a multipurpose font: to work excellent in print and screen environments. Including a wide range of styles, an extended character set and a careful composition, it has the ability to give brands, artworks, and interfaces a modern, professional and unique touch. Its high legibility and clear informative and technological appearance are perfectly suitable for infographics, signage and way-finding systems. And especially when embedded in app, gaming and infotainment software it will display its strength. While the upright styles communicate a clear, instructional and informative message, the italics express an industrial, dynamic and forward-thinking spirit.
An extensive language support, several figure sets and a wide range of OpenType Features will make the URW Dock font family a perfectly suitable partner for a wide range of print, web and app projects.