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Matchstick™ Font Download


Matchstick is a hand drawn brush script. Matchstick is packed with loads of ligatures and alternates that help simulate a swift look of a handwriting. This feature is set in Standard Ligatures and it is normally automatically on.

Matchstick is a great display brush to be used in writing headlines, packaging, posters or as a logotype. Matchstick works great when paired with strong sans serifs.

TA Kirigirisu Font Download

 TA Kirigirisu

TA-kirigirisu is the most popular designed font in Japanized font.
TA-kirigirisu is one of the representative works designed by Yasushi Saikusa who is famous as a typographer in Japan.
TA-kirigisu is used in book covers, flyers, POP advertising, TV commercials, and Web designs everywhere in Japan.
It looks superficially imbalanced, but then it also projects an image of attachment.

日本国内では、本の表紙、フライヤー、POP、TVのCM、Webデザインなど至る所で使われています。 一見アンバランスに見えるデザインが愛着のある可愛らしさを伝えます。

TA KotodamaF Font Download

 TA KotodamaF

TA-kotodama is designed by Masahiko Yamada who is a famous and popular graphic designer. It is a 4 weight family.


La Pica Pro Font Download

 La Pica Pro

The Pica Pro, a sans font, is a redesign of La Pica. This version includes the family set, Light, Regular, Bold, Black, Dense, plus a set of dingbat, perfect for entertaining titles with a lot of personality

Bona Nova Font Download

 Bona Nova

☞ Bona Nova is a collective revival project of Bona typeface designed in 1971 by the author of polish banknotes Andrzej Heidrich. Besides giving the project a digital font form the aim was to expand the base character set: preparation of small caps, designing the alternative glyphs and multiple opentype features. Working together with the author we designed two new text versions: regular and bold – to give the family a form of a classic script triad. ☞ It is accompanied by three title versions and three contour styles under the name of Bona Sforza. All styles contains over 1200 glyphs.