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Backlash Font Duo Font Download

 Backlash Font Duo

Introducing Backlash Font Duo! With a fancy script and a small-caps companion, this passionate pair of hand-drawn marker fonts is ideal for designing handwritten quotes, branding & logo projects, merchandise, social media posts and product packaging.

Backlash includes the following features;

Backlash Script • A hand-drawn script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation. Also includes a full set of lower & uppercase characters built in to the font as Stylistic Alternates for an additional layout option.

Threatening Letter Font Download

 Threatening Letter

Threatening Letter is a decorative font, inspired by vintage looking newspaper letters with grunge effect added to it. It’s meant to resemble a ransom note and it allows the user to play with combinations of uppercase and lowercase to always get different effects and avoid letter repetition. This font can be used for various things such as posters, T-shirts, magazines, book covers and headlines.

Passenger Display Font Download

 Passenger Display

Passenger Display is a high-contrast “modern” or Didone-style font family. It is intended for use in headlines, signs, or posters – any place where you need to set large, elegant-looking type. Passenger Display takes the idea of early-nineteenth century types – vertical axes of stress, combined with ball terminals – and dials up the stroke-contrast and degree of sophistication. It features serifs that thin gradually into fine lines and points. The family is ready for use in editorial design and corporate communications projects. Passenger Display includes seven weights, ranging in style from Extralight through Extrabold. Each weight has both an upright font and an italic on offer. The fonts’ default numerals are proportionally-spaced lining figures. Via the OpenType features, there are also oldstyle figures and tabular figures available, as well as a full range of numerators and denominators for typesetting fractions. The ascenders of the lowercase letters rise up above the tops of the capitals. In the upright fonts, the ‘a’ and the ‘g’ are double-storied. In the italics, they are single-storied. Each font includes 13 f-ligatures. Passenger Display has a companion typeface available for larger-sized applications: Passenger Text. Passenger Display and Passenger Text can be used together to powerful effect in magazine layouts, or in exhibition design graphics.. The Passenger families were designed by Diana Ovezea and Samo Ačko.

Barn Dance JNL Font Download

 Barn Dance JNL

The hand lettered title on the 1945 sheet music for the song “Louisiana Hayride” is an Art Deco design with a nod to the preceding Art Nouveau era.

It is now available as Barn Dance JNL, which is available in both regular and oblique versions.

Majesty Font Download


Majesty is a refined and elegant incised serif typeface designed to convey a sense of drama with any implementation of it. However, Majesty’s austerity is softened by the inherent familiarity of its letterforms. Having being inspired by classic engraved type, it has the echoes of familiar stone inscriptions over the centuries embodied within this 7-font type family.