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MFC Elmstead Monogram™ Font Download

 MFC Elmstead Monogram™

The source of inspiration for MFC Elmstead Monogram is an initials set from the book “Monograms and Alphabets for Combination” by Dollfus, Mieg & Cie, first published in the 1880’s.

We’ve taken the original Cameo styled initials that had a somewhat clumsy weighting and rebuilt the design using the capitals from Marcellus Pro by our sister foundry, Stiggy & Sands. We’ve extended the family by including both a Cameo and Non-Cameo version of the Initials, as well as Chromatic versions that can be layered to colorize the designs.

Garstang Engraved™ Font Download

 Garstang Engraved™

Garstang Engraved is the latest in Greater Albion’s series of ‘wood type’ inspired fonts. Garstang Engraved is a hand-cut Roman, suggesting the late Victorian era, but the type of thing that continued in use well into the twentieth century. If you want a title face that has versatility and suggests a past history, as well as the art of finely cut wood type, then this is it!

Campuni Font Download


Campuni is an upright italic typeface, inspired by the handwritten form of italics. This style results in a warm and friendly typeface, which communicates a personal touch to its reader.

Equipped with a wide choice of swashes and ligatures (selectable via open type features), Campuni can gain a lot of attention in display sizes. The default characters have a humanist and clean appearance to make Campuni pleasant to read.

Arthura Font Download


Arthura is a sans serif font family with subtle reverse contrast, particularly visible in its ultra bold ‘Black’ style. Six weights plus matching italics. Simple geometry and with humanist nuance that adds warmth. It’s a perfect choice for branding, magazines, posters, advertising, packaging, headlines, logos, web, print etc.

Tazugane™ Info Font Download

 Tazugane™ Info

Tazugane Info is a screen-ready Japanese font family, that follows on the debut of Monotype’s first original Japanese typeface – .