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5 Category Fonts


Where most fonts are available in varying weights, 52-Kfx is a family consisting of 3 heights; High, Mid and Low. These offer the typographer a full palette, Low is readable for setting copy while at the opposite end High is better suited for display—names, headlines and logotypes.

52-Kfx has a sophisticated and elegant period feel with clean, modern lines that remain relevant for contemporary application. Exaggerated ascenders and descenders of the lowercase and a tall cap-height give it a lofty stature while the low x-height keeps characters grounded. The spacing and lyrical rhythm are perfectly in sync and epitomized by the fluidity seen in the ligatures.


Designed in 1950s Japan by Okanao & Kushiro, the perfect partnership until artistic temperaments drove them apart.

The duo spent years crafting the font with the working title “Messenjā”, Okanao bringing technical expertise to craft letterforms, while Kushiro made it his life, obsessively working late into the night to check pages for errors. For him the project was never about making money, it was an artistic endeavor to reprint the great Western works of literature.