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 8th Avenue

Inspired by the strange, blocky lettering on the sides of a set of a set of plastic kitchen containers in my childhood home, 8th Avenue is a sophisticated, somewhat syncopated font with a retro look and feel that at the same time brings a very modern attitude to your design. 8th Avenue works well as display font for packaging, headlines and logos.

Those pastel turquoise plastic boxes from the early 1950’s, with white screen printed letters reading “FLOUR”, “SUGAR”, “COFFEE” etc. on one sides were a simple quiet presence in our home back then and for decades after. Seeing them—Even that soft blue-green colour felt like home. More…

“SUGAR”, the soul survivor of that set has become one of those mundane and unremarkable items of daily life that somehow become simple icons of another time, ripe with memories.

Obviously I had to make a font.

September 2014