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D Category Fonts

font family from Celebrity Fontz, added yesterday


Devilish is a digital revival of 2 decorative lettering sets. The uppercase letters are based on characters from the end of the 18th century, and the lowercase letters are based on characters from the 19th century. The letters are made up of light-hearted devilish figures engaged in playful and mischievous activities.


font family from Rosario Nocera, added February 27th


Doretypo was born accidentally, during the design of a poster for a jazz festival in Rome. I was going to realize a typesetting, but I could not find the right character and decided to draw the letters I needed, starting from the first letter of the headline, capital M.


family of 1 font from PintassilgoPrints, added January 15th


Dranskof is a light-hearted, cheery font. It is inspired by a page from an extraordinary serbian publication for children by the writer, poet and journalist Duško Radović.


font family from Andinistas, added in 2012


Demetria is a font created in 2012 by Carlos Fabián Camargo and works to form words and headlines with medieval expressiveness. Thus his concept mix uncial, Roman and italic letters resulting serifs some here and there, extended width and high amount of contrast between thick and thin strokes. That way its vigorous ups and downs are higher than its “x” height, highlighting it as a font with regular caliber,outstanding to design headlines with strong proportions and texture.


font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 14th

Dirty Deo Hand Ink

font family from Thomas Jockin, added February 13th


Ductus is a five weight typeface that is both ancient and contemporary. Drawing on various sources such as rustic capitals, Naskh arabic calligraphy, and black-letter, Ductus is a reflection on how the broad-nib pen can be relevant for today’s designer.


font family from Scholtz Fonts, added January 31st


Debs was inspired by a thank you note sent from one of my friends to another. The recipient liked

the handwriting so much that he passed the note on to me after having asked permission from Debs,

the writer. I enjoyed the vigor and looseness of the handwriting, as well as admiring its legibility and style.


font family from GarageFonts, added January 29th

District Pro

font family from Dalton Maag, added January 28th


At first glance Dedica appears to be a traditional font which can be classified as a Modern style, but there are many subtle design details, such as asymmetric serifs, which differentiate it from the usual designs in the same genre. Dedica is ideally suited to applications which demand a high degree of tradition and functionality, but also require confident individuality. At large sizes Dedica expresses itself with bold individuality, but at small sizes its inherent legibility shines through. Even at the very smallest sizes, Dedica still looks good.


font family from Green Type, added January 23rd