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E Category Fonts

font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added February 27th

Easter Egg Letters™

A fun typeface for Easter, which lets you make banners and headings with eggs enclosed in letters. Chocolate anyone?


font family from A New Machine, added February 27th


Emjay is a whimsical hand drawn all caps serif font. It has 4 glyphs per letter - upper and lowercase as well as 2 more sets of glyphs - that make for a more unnatural handmade feel. Any user can interchange letters using caps and lowercase. With contextual alternates on, opentype programs will place different glyphs automatically. Also includes a number of ligatures for even more unique type setting. Great for use in posters, headlines, invitations, etc.


font family from Celebrity Fontz, added February 25th

English Monarchs™

English Monarchs is a unique font collection with accurate digital replicas of 84 signatures of English and British monarchs from Richard II through Elizabeth II, including many of the royal consorts. Also included in this font are the Stuart pretenders and Mary Queen of Scots and her consort. A must-have for autograph collectors, desktop publishers, history buffs, fans, or anyone who has ever dreamed of sending a letter, card, or e-mail “signed” as if by one of these famous nobles.


font family from K-Type, added February 21st


ENAMELA (rhymes with Pamela) is based on condensed sans serif lettering found on vitreous enamel signage dating from the Victorian era and widely used in Britain for road signs, Post Office signs,

the plates on James Ludlow wall postboxes, railway signs, direction signs and circular Automobile Association wayfinding plaques throughout the first half of the twentieth century. In addition to the Medium and Bold weights found on old enamel signs, a new Regular weight and the addition of a convincingly classic lowercase to match the original capitals, make Enámela Condensed a flexible and highly usable typeface. Each weight has a complementary and complimentary italic.


font family from Mom, added February 20th


Eliane is an elegant headline font born from the mixture of Bold and ExtraLight Caps. Eliane assumes Bold and ExtraLight, tickness in the design of each glyph. Eliane brings a new vision to fonts design special in letters A,M,N,W or Z. Eliane brings personality to your design, because the uppercase letters can be mixed with lowercase letters in multiple choices.


family of 18 fonts from The Northern Block, added January 29th


A geometric sans serif with minimal contrast. Shallow curves are smoothed out of rectangular

letterforms to produce a fresh, legible typeface best suited to information based applications.

Details include 9 weights with italics, 500 characters, 5 variations of numerals, stylistic alternatives, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.


font family from Borutta, added in 2012


Elo is a layered letterpress typeface.


font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 14th

Elegant Hand Script

font family from Erik Bertell, added February 11th

EB Bellissimo Display

Bellissimo Display boasts an impressive range of handsome all caps ligatures that would make even Herb Lubalin jealous.


font family from Erik Bertell, added February 11th

EB Jessica

Originally designed in 2005 to be used in a brochure project, Jessica is a typewriter face with a sinister mood. Its peculiar original features have been retained but on the other hand, the font has had a monospacing treatment and some Open Type programming added for a more contemporary feel. The extended character set covers most European languages.