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font family from Graviton, added January 10th


font family from Graviton, added January 10th


Eslava is a typeface with 5 styles, applicable for any kind of graphic design, specially for logos, headlines, motion graphics, print and clothes.


font family from Karandash, added in 2012


Estimo is an unusual, yet elegant type family of three styles in five weights. Originally developed as upper-case-only family, Estimo was inspired by the works of Bulgarian type and graphic designers in 1980’s. It is characterized by its lack of diagonal strokes (wherever possible), thus experimenting with letterforms without losing legibility.


font family from Emboss, added in 2012


EmBauhaus is a display typeface, geometric in style, inspired by the face named after the world changing Bauhaus School. To aid readability I rethought the original typeface and closed all of the voids cut out of the strokes. We also modified the upper case to make it a more traditional design. An example of this is the upper case L, where a 90 degree angle was added.  This typeface was designed to be used judiciously in a layout, to draw focus to words and headlines, using stark angles, radii and geometry to create visual rhythm and gestalt.


font family from Måns Grebäck, added in 2012

Echinos Park Script™

font family from Kimmy Design, added in 2012

Elizabeth Script

Elizabeth a script that carries the imperfections of a hand written brush script. It includes regular and discretionary ligatures, as well as stylistic alternatives and swashes. If you are working in a program that supports Open Type, I would suggest purchasing the Pro version as it includes all the features Elizabeth has to offer. If you are not working with Open Type but want to have the option of the swashes are stylistic alternatives, then you can buy both the regular Elizabeth and the swashes version. It will allow you to have most of the functions of Open Type.


font family from Dmitry Savin, added in 2012


font family from Julia Bausenhardt, added in 2012


This font is based on the handwriting of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Using his many letters, drafts, notes- and sketchbooks as reference, this font characterizes the elegant yet sometimes quite irregular writing style Munch had. To resemble naturalistic writing and remain as authentic as possible, a combination of extended ligatures and alternates has been included, as well as Swash characters (accessible via open-type). Additionally, several of Munch’s paintings and woodcuts are embedded as extras.


font family from Glen Jan, added in 2012

Echoes Slab

font family from Glen Jan, added in 2012

Echoes Sans