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E Category Fonts

font family from T-26, added in 2012

Erics Some Normal

font family from T-26, added in 2012


font family from Tamer Koseli, added today


Enso is a display typeface, based on geometric forms. Best suited for big headlines, posters, logos, motion-graphics, packing and illustrations.


font family from GRIN3 (Nowak), added yesterday


Engineer is a new, completely redesigned and improved version of my font TechnicznaPomoc, which was released for the first time in 2001.

Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages.


font family from Studio K, added April 9th

Export Drive

Export Drive is a bold condensed stencil font of the kind traditionally used to mark tea chests, packing cases and other goods in transit. Nowadays of course its applications are universal, although it is particularly well suited to branding or publishing projects which strive for a sense of freshness, urgency and immediacy, or a rugged, rough-and-ready feel.


font family from Stabenfonts, added April 19th

Estragon Pro

Estragon is a vivid sans-serif text face with venetian influences, suitable especially for books. It is remarkable for: its light slant, to the right, for most of the verticals, its small sized uppercase letters making it suitable for languages where they are often used (for example German,) and its just lightly inclined true italics.


font family from Kontour Type, added today


Elido (Odile in reverse) is the sans counterpart to the Odile type. Together they form a sans/serif superfamily with a wide range of variations for editorial use. Elido follows Odile’s proportions and matches the weight and typographic color of its serif twin.


font family from Stiggy & Sands, added today

Englebert Pro

Our Englebert Pro draws inspiration from the title screen of the 1930’s film entitled, “Der Blaue Engel”, starring Marlene Dietrich. Playful but subdued, yet striking enough to catch the eye, this casual sans has a distinct signature look to it. The offbeat letterforms engage the reader, while the SmallCaps and extensive figure sets lend a wider versatility to the typeface.


font family from Jeff Levine, added yesterday

Engine Company JNL

Engine Company JNL is a slab serif font based on a set of wood type. The design emits an image of strength and purpose, and fits well into any project where a word or phrase must be conveyed forcefully without seeming overly imposing.


font family from Mint Type, added today

Espuma Pro

Espuma Pro is a soft and friendly humanist sans-serif font family with strong calligraphic aftertaste.