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font family from Eurotypo, added July 9th


Eydis Regular is a casual script font that retains the original texture of the stroke on the paper. This font has good legibility as body type and strong expressiveness to be used as headlines or logotypes in all media requirements.

These calligraphy fonts have already an extended character set to support Central and Eastern, Cyrillic as well as Western European languages.

It has several especial alternatives for all letters that offer an infinity of design’s combinations. There are plenty of options to allow you to create something unique and special: standard and discretionary ligatures, several swashes and stylistics alternates for each letter, catchwords and much more.

You may enrich your design using the Eydis Ornament set, with his 91 glyphs, tails and ornaments, whatever allows even more combinations.

Eydis was made for turn your project more expressive, beautiful, and attractive!

Have fun and be successful with it!


font family from Dalton Maag, added today

Effra Corp

The Effra font family has its roots in one of the earliest sans-serif designs commercially available, Caslon Junior, from 1816. Our design is updated for contemporary use, and has been expanded to our Standard character set. While it is not strictly a font intended for setting body copy, the resulting family does function well at text sizes. Effra can be effortlessly applied to a wide range of messages and media, from advertising to book design. Its five weights satisfy the need for flexibility, creating harmonious variations of texture and emphasis.


font family from Naghi Naghachian, added today


Ekbatana is a new creation of Naghi Naghashian. Ekbatan design fulfills the following needs:


font family from Smith Hands, added today

English Engravers Roman

English Engravers Roman is inspired by the beauty and eccentric detailing of British stone carved lettering. After observing many beautiful inscriptions around London and southern England, Robbie Smith decided to create a font family in homage to this rich heritage.

English Engravers Roman features a set of beautifully balanced uppercase Roman, and a characterful lowercase alphabet with some endearing quirks.


font family from insigne, added today


Enocenta is fully featured script face. Like a wild, untamed beauty in the moonlight, Enocentaís flowing calligraphy dances across the page. This contemporary typeface is not slavishly devoted to convention, and instead it defies it repeatedly. The face has bit more character than most high contrast script faces and attracts your readers eye.


font family from Fontyou, added today

Exquise FY

Exquise FY, an elegant & distinguée 6 fonts family. With its round and elegant shapes, this new didone typeface is developed in six styles, including a “poster” weight. Though inspired by classical thick and thin shapes, Exquise FY’s design is innovative with its sharp drops.


font family from Hoftype, added yesterday


Equip, a new versatile geometric sans face in 16 styles, designed on a geometric base. Low contrasted lines and a sturdy ductus give it a strong appearance. It looks open, generous and unsentimental. A large selection of weights and many useful OpenType features allow an easy adjustment for a wide range of applications, in print and on the web.


font family from Lián Types, added September 10th


“A picture is worth a thousand words” and here, that’s more than true. Take a look at Erotica’s Booklet; Erotica’s Poster Design and Erotica’s User’s Guide before reading below.


font family from Nonpareille, added September 10th


Ebnor is a digital version of the ‘Écriture Bâton Normalisée’ (Standardized Sans Serif) presented by M. Brun in a self published booklet of 1959.

The shape of letters respect the standard E-04-105 edited by the French Association for Standardization (AFNOR). The letters are drawned with a round nib pen. The basic unit is the height of a lower case ‘c’: all capitals are 1.6 ‘c’ height, upper case A V and M are 8 ‘c’ large, W 12, etc. The italic is a sloped roman at an angle of 15°.

Ebnor scrupulously respects the recommendations of the author. Nevertheless, the booklet only give models for the basic 26 upper case, 26 lower case, and 10 figures. The other 500 glyphs, and the spacing, has been designed by Nonpareille.


font family from SoftMaker, added today

Eleanor Handwriting™

Digitized handwriting fonts are a perfect way to give documents the “very special touch”. Invitations look simply better when handwritten than when printed in bland Arial or Times New Roman. Short handwritten notes look authentic and appealing. There are numerous occasions where handwritten text makes a better impression.