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font family from, added February 13th

Find A Way

font family from The Fontmaker, added January 31st

FM Ephire

FM Ephire is a hand-drawn, multilingual, type family of five weights with compliment italics. Stuffed

with tons of features, Ephire really shines through its artistic and stylish, yet elegant feel of a natural handwriting. It is your best choice wherever you design greeting cards, banners or posters and it also handles pretty well for body text, even in small sizes. Enjoy Ephire!


font family from Canada Type, added January 31st


Named in tribute to the members of the American Typecasting Fellowship, this font is an original expression of Jim Rimmer’s left-handed calligraphy. It was designed and cut in 24 p in the early 1980s, then cast as foundry type on Jim’s own Thompson typecasting machine.


font family from The Fontry, added January 24th


You can't go through life all rigid and uptight. You need to relax. Find some casual time. Or lean it

hard right if you want to go FAST! Either way, this old-fashioned casual will get you there in a hot hurry.

Or maybe you really do just want to go slow and upright, which surely can't be true. We all have a secret urge to lean it into the wind and push that old tin hoopty as hard as she'll run. Well, no matter how you decide to use it, this is the font for the job. SPEEDY CASUAL is a throwback to the hand-lettered days of hotrods without fenders and the showcards that extolled their virtues at the local car shows. Luckily SPEEDY is a lot less messy to handle, because you don't need a paint brush to get this lettering to work!


font family from Hanoded, added January 21st

Fat Kitty Kat

Fat Kitty Kat is a hand made, rather bouncy and happy font. It was thought up, drawn and vectorized during an unusually long rainy period in a small Porto hotel room. Kitty Kat’s glyphs are rather rough,

but legible and fun to use. The font comes with extensive language support and a full range of alternates for the lower case letters.


font family from The Fontmaker, added January 11th

FM Valentines PRO

FM Valentines Pro consists of 50+ hand-lettered love expressions and sentiments for various romantic purposes: from St.Valentine’s greeting cards to email/ letter signatures, to engagement, wedding and anniversary accessories and gifts. Most of the expressions are in English, with some additions in other languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, German (for example ‘Te quiero’, ‘Amore’, 'Je t'aime', ‘Ich liebe dich’, etc.). All the words and phrases are original and handwritten - a high quality calligraphy for your projects. In addition there are 10 hand-drawn heart icons in the digits' glyphs. (0-9)


font family from The Fontry, added January 4th

FHA Nicholson French

An Art Nouveau alphabet that has stood the test of time, Nicholson French, by legendary sign-painter Frank H. Atkinson, is over 100 years old and going strong. In modern typographic trim, it comes with OpenType feature replacement options and multi-language support, from standard Latin-1 to Latin Extended-A, Greek and Cyrillic.


font family from Filmotype, added in 2012

Filmotype Candy™

Filmotype Candy picks off where her younger sister Filmotype Brooklyn left off. Without the ability to embolden type photographically using its machine, Filmotype Introduced a customer requested bold weight of Filmotype Alice in the late 1950s just as we did with Brooklyn in 2012!


font family from Filmotype, added in 2012

Filmotype Jade™

Filmotype Jade is unique as one of a few bold condensed upright scripts in its library with its smooth flowing handwritten style originally released by Filmotype in 1955 to expand its Scripts category.


font family from Filmotype, added in 2012

Filmotype Dancer™

Dancer was one of the first fonts to join Filmotype’s Casuals category in the early 1950s as its ‘house’ sho-card speed script. It’s wonderfully readable with a generous ‘x-height’ with a friendly informal nature and timeless script look.