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F Category Fonts

font family from Great Lakes Lettering, added in 2012


Frosted is a font based on a naive, illustrated handwriting that can be used on a daily basis.


font family from Hallmark, added in 2012

Fultoon HMK

Fultoon HMK is an energetic, quirky script style font designed by the lettering artists at Hallmark Cards. It has a handwritten style with the appearance of ink blobs.


font family from Stereotypes, added in 2012


font family from 4th february, added in 2012

Fontatica 4F

font family from FontMeister, added in 2012

FM Pointifax

The POINTIFAX family is a typographic flashback to computing of the early 1980s. POINTIFAX is based on a matrix of dots and looks like the output on an old computer screen. Each is built out of dots, horizontal and vertical lines.


font family from The Fontmaker, added in 2012

FM Christmas 1.0

FM Christmas 1.0 consists of 26 hand-lettered Christmas greetings.


font family from RMU, added in 2012

Frankenberg Pro™

A treasure trove of typographic rarity, found in an old print shop in the Saxon town Frankenberg, now revived and carefully extended.


font family from Hanoded, added in 2012


Fantastique is a bit of a sloppy 3D font: the outline is wobbly and the glyphs are uneven. Because of its imperfectness, it is ideal to create posters, advertisements and the like, because sloppy as it may be, Fantastique will catch your eye! C'est Fantastique!


font family from Lettering Inc, added in 2012

Feather Script

Introduced by Lettering Inc in the mid 1940s, this majestic handwritten advertisers script was originally developed by the talented bullpen of Chicago based Lettering Inc. Originally designed as display handlettering for department store catalogs and automobile advertising, Feather Script (known internally as Flamingo or the 3000 series in its catalogs) became the most popular of all Lettering Inc typefaces requested by its customers.


font family from Borutta, added in 2012