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F Category Fonts

font family from Måns Grebäck, added in 2012

Filbert Brush™

font family from Juraj Chrastina, added in 2012


Fimfarum is a word that the Czech actor and writer Jan Werich created for one of his magical fairy tales for children and adults.


font family from Celebrity Fontz, added in 2012

Florid Renaissance™

Florid Renaissance is digital revival of a classic and ornate historical alphabet. The font face is dressed in a repeating diamond-pattern faÁade, and the edges are adorned with grape leaves, flowing scrolls, and flourishes, evoking the apex of Italian Renaissance design. The font includes a full set of accented characters.


font family from Neufville Digital, added in 2012

Futura ND for Nike 365

These fonts are for Nike materials only.


font family from VirtueCreative, added in 2012


This fun sans-hand typeface gives your designs and layouts a personal touch that leaves a smile. FUNFAIR has two weights each with italics.


font family from Deniart Systems, added in 2012

Fontazia Christmas Baubles

DECORATE THE SEASON with 62 retro-style Christmas decorations. These decorative accents are a great addition to your holiday font collection.


font family from John Moore Type Foundry, added in 2012


Factor is a letter that breaks with convention, providing an attractive geometric look. Fits perfectly sober rigor contemporary editorial design, and for the creation of logos, labels or advertising, just fits both vintage designs spirit as the simple graphic humor. Factor comes with a wide variety of alternative shapes for a more versatile use. As display font readability features that allow use as an innovative text font.


font family from Filmotype, added in 2012

Filmotype Carmen™

Introduced by Filmotype in 1955, Carmen with its unique personality joined Filmotype’s Casuals category with its own unique flair. With its slanted brush and speedy informal nature, It retains the mid-century playfulness of sho-card lettering while providing readability.


font family from Dmitry Savin, added in 2012


font family from Sudtipos, added in 2012

Fan Script

A friend of mine says that sports are the ultimate popular drug. One of his favorite things to say is, “The sun’s always shining on a game somewhere.”