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font family from Flanker, added in 2012

Flanker Garaldus

The typeface Garaldus was presented in 1956 by Italian designer Aldo Novarese, inspired by Venetian tradition of the sixteenth century: the font name derives from Claude Garamond and Aldus Manutius. A peculiarity of this font is to change appearance, acquiring a form a more or less angular, depending on the size of the text and the way in which it is printed.


font family from Manuel Ramos, added in 2012


Future is a powerful font, guided by some invisible geometric rules alow you to express a direct futuristic look for your logos, designs, ...


font family from Filmotype, added yesterday

Filmotype LaCrosse™

Filmotype LaCrosse was released by Filmotype in the late 1950s as an attractive informal casual pen-script, also known as a jewelers script based on its use in department store catalogs and luxury store signage.


font family from Filmotype, added yesterday

Filmotype Keynote™

Introduced by Filmotype in 1955, Filmotype Keynote was inspired by bold advertisers handlettering styles made popular in the late 1930s through the early 1940s.


font family from Wiescher Design, added yesterday

Frank Woods

“Frank Woods” is a wooden typeface based on the form of Franklin Gothic Heavy. The three cuts fit together and enable the user to create a lot of impressive variations. Enjoy! The amount of points in the font make it impossible to create Opentype versions, but this Truetype version works excellent on MACs and PCs.


font family from Filmotype, added yesterday

Filmotype Zeal™

Filmotype Zeal was originally released in the late 1950s expanding Filmotype’s Formal Script category. Each letterform is elegant in its shape and the details of its execution while retaining a durability not found in formal script styles making it perfect for use at smaller sizes.


font family from Måns Grebäck, added today


font family from No Bodoni, added yesterday

Floridium Pro LV

Floridium grew out of an affection for the old wood types of the 1800s. Painters Roman* was the initial inspiration. It was the source for the ‘banana’ and ‘snake head’ serifs. But the design—released by Adobe as Juniper—was too quirky to be useful. I tried to make it more sophisticated and modern while keeping the original personality of the 19th century types. The name resulted from a trip to Miami while the initial drawings were being made. Not the best way to name a typeface, but while we were in Miami Beach there was this tall blond in a bright yellow bikini sitting on this bright yellow Porsche and...


font family from Will Stewart, added April 15th

Frank Reaction

A high quality hand rendered pencil script that includes a variety of contextual alternates to ensure the best handwritten look. Frank Reaction works brilliantly when used for both display and body copy and it is available for both print and web application. Use Frank Reaction to give your work personality and life.


font family from Blambot, added April 15th

Fight To The Finish BB

Inspired by the Bronze Age of comics, “Fight to the Finish BB” comes with EIGHT sound effects fonts; four with clean edges, and four with rough edges. Talk about covering all the bases. All have extended European character sets, as always!