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G Category Fonts

font family from Greyscale Type, added February 27th

Grey Sans

Grey Sans is a contemporary sans with an angular design. Routed in both modern geometry and historical handwriting, Grey Sans bridges the gaps of neutrality and warmth, precision and humanism, and serious and fun. Grey Sans covers the grey areas of typeface design.


font family from insigne, added February 25th


The elegant Grenale brings a new look to the classic didone. This shimmering sans-serif family with

its mild deco shades alters the typical serifs and terminals of the classic style to form a gracefully eye-catching, high-contrast font.


font family from DSType, added February 25th


font family from Device, added February 25th


A backslanted outline font with a drop shadow and a glossy variant.


font family from Device, added February 25th


A geometric sans with chiselled terminals and alternate forms.


font family from Hanoded, added February 20th


Galangal, or Laos, is a root belonging to the ginger family, which is used in Indonesian cuisine.

Since this font has the same design characteristics as Kurkuma, I thought naming it after a root

was quite appropriate.

Galangal is pretty unique, with thin and fat areas, bizarre glyphs and rough edges. Upper and lower

case are fully interchangeable and the typeface comes with a full range of diacritics.


font family from Proportional Lime, added February 19th


Jobst Gutknecht was a highly successful printer in the city of Nuremburg from 1514 to 1542.

He published the “Achtliederbuch” (the first Lutheran hymnal, with a whole 4 tunes) and many

works by Martin Luther. This font is an accurate “recutting” of the font face Gutknecht used for the

body text in his printed works. It has been extended to over 900 glyphs adding hundreds for modern use. It also presents many ancient things like old ligatures such as “tz”, a hedera, and alternate style pilcrow

for visual interest. And for those conservative types the modern lower case “k” is also available.


font family from SpideRaYsfoNtS, added February 19th


This font was born from an idea to attempt to create a font based on circles and elliptical shapes. I really struggled making the letter “G” work, then the golf club head shape jumped into my head. A few pimples later and here it is: the Golfers Alphabet font... GOLFABET


font family from Gaslight, added February 19th


Gen (erator) is inspirited by lettering from the soviet era: sometimes brute, sometimes contrastful, but frequently with its own nature. Gen is a simple, contrastful, wide sanserif with numerous alternatives and cutter style.


font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 14th