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G Category Fonts

font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 14th

Gothic Hand Dirty

font family from Jeff Levine, added January 23rd

Generic Gothic JNL

Generic Gothic JNL is a straightforward interpretation of the classic typeface Franklin Gothic Condensed, modeled from a sheet of self-adhesive vinyl letters and numbers.


font family from Germán-León, added January 21st

GL Benicassim

GL Benicassim is a very condensed and practical font. It is only caps font, but it contains latin and cyrillic characters, as well as all kind of accents to be compatible with many languages.

It will give to your designs a fancy and fashionable touch and it is specially practical when the space you have is not too big, since it is really condensed.


font family from Flat-it, added January 16th

Geom Graphic™

Inspired by Japanese robot animations in 80s such like Gundam and Ideon, Geom Graphic is a square geometric sans serif for wide range of usage. The family give an impression similar to Eurostile but is more squared and geometric. The letterforms of Geom Graphic are designed slightly rounded to appear natural, warm and retro.

This family consisting of 4 weights with matching Italics. The wide range of languages is designed targeting use for futuristic product of game, movie, logo and so on.


font family from Hanoded, added January 15th


Grafiker means ‘Graphic Designer’ in German. This fat, colored, uneven font with a 1001 uses was loosely based on the work of designers Oskar Kokoschka (1886 - 1980) and Jean Carlu (1900 - 1997). The glyphs were hand-drawn with a 0.5 roller ball and colored in with Chinese ink, using a stiff brush. The result is a lively, rather unusual font.


font family from Design23, added January 3rd


font family from Alter Littera, added in 2012

Gutenberg A

This is a free abridged edition of the full-featured Gutenberg B and Gutenberg C fonts. Although (as the name suggests) it was originally conceived as the first release in the B42-type series, it actually represents the colophon to this series. In addition to having a narrower scope, the font differs from its full-featured predecesors in both letter and word spacing, as well as in glyph design, using exclusively straight lines for every glyph and providing a significantly rough appearance at medium to large point sizes. The font includes the usual standard characters for typesetting modern texts, as well as a few special characters, alternates and ligatures that can be used for typesetting nearly as in Johann Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible and later incunabula. Please note that the use of this free font is subject to the same terms and conditions as those for Alter Littera’s pay fonts.


font family from Eurotypo, added in 2012


font family from PintassilgoPrints, added in 2012


Gentil is a charming hand-drawn typeface. It comes in two weights along with two handy accessory fonts, one packed with darling doodles and the other loaded with lovely frames.