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G Category Fonts

font family from Hallmark, added in 2012

Geeoh™ HMK

The feminine curlicues in Geeoh HMK add a touch of innocence to this highly legible script.


font family from Alexandra Korolkova, added in 2012

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House is a soft and sweet holiday font which consists of 72 carefully drawn dingbats for Christmas, inspired by soft shapes of sweets and bakery. It is good for greeting cards and other holiday stuff. It has a companion font — Gingerbread.


font family from Alexandra Korolkova, added in 2012


Gingerbread is a soft and sweet holiday font with extended character set, inspired by soft shapes

of sweets and bakery. It is good for greeting cards and other holiday stuff. Especially for Christmas

it has a dingbats companion font — Gingerbread House.


font family from Laura Worthington, added in 2012


Graphic designers with a lust for lettering are constantly seeking scripts balanced neatly on the sweet spot suited for exuberant editorial work and messages of cheer. Neither frivolous nor strict. My typeface, Gioviale, satisfies that need.


font family from Intellecta Design, added in 2012

Gracious Azaleas

font family from Typesketchbook, added in 2012


font family from Dmitriy Shchetinskiy, added in 2012


Gala72 font consist of 72 calligraphic greetings letterings for different event. These letterings are original and handwritten. This font makes it possible to use high quality calligraphy in your projects - greeting cards, certificates, invitation cards, letters of commendation etc.


font family from Dalton Maag, added in 2012


Grueber is ideal for all display uses, with confidently deft character shapes and unusual serifs that create a massive impact. At first glance Grueber appears industrial with its slab serifs, yet a closer look reveals a creative playfulness that answers any design challenge; a single word set in Grueber can be as strong as an entire line of copy. Despite its strongly expressive character, Grueber will happily sit alongside many different fonts without trying to steal the show.


font family from Canada Type, added in 2012


A couple of years before the second World War, Marcel Jacno, the popular French graphic designer who in the 1930s designed iconic posters for Gaumont and Paramount and famously illustrated the Gaulish helmet that first adorned the Gauloises cigarette packs in 1936, was asked by Deberny & Peignot to design a calligraphic typeface for the advertising market. Jacno’s Scribe design, billed by D&P as a “virile ad writing” typeface, was released to some great fanfare in 1937, enjoyed some time of French spotlight, and was ready to make waves in the rest of Europe before the war broke out and snuffed its chances at international recognition. However, samples of it can still be found in some specialty post-war publications as an example of a trend that lasted a couple of decades, when Western European type manufacturers commissioned famous visual artists to design typefaces in order to capitalize on the artists' fame - the trend that brought us standards like Futura and the long list of Lucien Bernhard and Imre Reiner faces.


font family from Aga Silva, added in 2012


The fonts in this family of six files contain 62 original dingbats in 5 variants, and 26 original dingbats in 2 variants plus 10 tilable patterns (Glitter Medley).