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G Category Fonts

font family from Måns Grebäck, added in 2012

Greback Grotesque™

font family from Andrew Fortnum, added in 2012

Goonatic 72 Plus

It is highly recommended to use this font at 72pts or higher. GOONATIC 72 PLUS is intended to be used primarily for headlines. Enjoy!


font family from 2D Typo, added in 2012


Simple geometric print with a clear modular design.


font family from Manuel Ramos, added in 2012


This typeface is inspired by urban calligraphy, lowercase letters can be found mixed with capital letters, something used by graffiti writers, likewise there is an interaction between letters with curves and other glyphs more rectilinear. It works well and is readable in almost any size, offering an urban look and current.


font family from I Can Be Your Type, added in 2012


A condensed font using constructivism history to convey the cold hearted steel of machinery and progress. Gridlock tries it’s best to fit as much info as possible in a small space neatly in line and with the subtle curves and smoothness of bent steel.


font family from Borutta, added yesterday


font family from Fountain, added March 15th

Gira Sans

Gira Sans is Rui Abreu’s personal take on the grotesque model. Rui looked for inspiration in the early sans serifs of the 19th century; not with the intention to do a revival of Victorian types, but rather in an effort to infuse a modern face with a playful, human feel. The resulting typeface is decidedly contemporary yet subtly quirky, reminiscent of vintage grotesques. It combines clean, clear letterforms with delightful curvy details. The family comes in seven weights – ranging from a slender Thin to a joyful, chubby Extra Bold – all with matching true italics.

Gira’s well-balanced character shapes, large x-height, and generous proportions make it perform well in extended body copy. Given the fact that it is a grotesque, subtle features like the delicate modulation of the strokes and the almost imperceptible angle of the rounded letters enhances its performance as a text face. When used big the idiosyncratic design details like the rounded dots and oblique cuts make it a charismatic display face. This versatile type family lends personality to editorial design and headlines, and can be used for a varied range of other typographic applications.

The fully featured family of OpenType fonts includes small caps for all the weights, eight figure styles, full latin language support and extended ligature sets.


font family from Plau, added today

Guanabara Sans™

Guanabara is the third release of Plau Type Foundry (formerly known as Niramekko). It started from the need of a wayfinding typeface that had personality enough to be the brand typeface for a city.


font family from Qbotype, added today


font family from Flat-it, added today


Griffon, titling face with influence from classic letterforms, inspired by retro faces in the early 20th century. This font family was all redesigned from scratch and now released ranging in 5 weights with small caps from Light to Bold. The powerful letterforms can make a strong impression on everyone.

Try this HANDSOME serif that reminds you of the old days, about one hundred years ago.