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font family from Fontforecast, added today


Graduate Script is a contemporary calligraphic script. With over 825 glyphs Graduate Script can be dressed up or down, to enliven its style. You can add curles to beginning and end of any lowercase letter, or even in between them. Alternates for both upper and lowercase, aswel as ligatures for double letters are included too. OpenType features such as five numeral styles, fractions and both standard and discretionary ligatures, make Graduate Script a well equipped font.

Graduate Ornaments has over 300 glyphs and expands the design possibilities of Graduate Script even further. It offers additional ornaments and curles to add to lowercase letters, frames, automated borders that can be accessed by the keyboard and a lot more fun glyphs to work with. On top of that there are catchwords in different styles. Not finding the catchword you’re looking for? Just create your own! A full set of capitals, including roman accented caps, currency, numerals and punctuation is part of Graduate Ornaments. Designed to fit the same frames that are being used for the different catchword-styles, so you can easily integrate custom text with the existing catchwords. A detailed user guide is available in the gallery section.


font family from Rui Abreu, added today

Grafolita Script™

Grafolita is a type family of three fonts. It offers great versatility in composing layouts with different point sizes, as it allows the user to balance the weights between bigger and smaller letters.


font family from Ceyhun Birinci, added today


font family from Fontbilisi, added today

GL Miraflores

GL Miraflores is a nice slab serif font with the name of a Spanish village. It is an elegant vintage resource perfect for decorations, but also works perfectly for plain text, as you can see in the previews.


font family from Fontbilisi, added today

GL Benicassim

GL Benicassim is a very condensed and practical font. It is only caps font, but it contains latin and cyrillic characters, as well as all kind of accents to be compatible with many languages.


font family from Rene Bieder, added yesterday


Designed for a wide range of applications, Gentona was intended to support the goals of contemporary design paired with a mostly swiss oriented demand on typography – neutrality. The result is a nine-weight neo-grotesque family ranging from sharp and fine thin cuts to muscle-bound and strong heavy weights. Gentona’s confident and open shapes support legibility especially in small sizes while its alternative shapes and letterforms create flexibility. A wide range of typographic features round up the whole family.


font family from Latinotype, added July 19th


Grota is a very expressive font, has a gestural character inspired by the hand lettering .

Grota is grotesque, unicase and exceptional. It has six weights ranging from thin to black with their italics.

It is ideal for logos, brands, magazines, headlines, books. etc.

Photography by Matías Troncoso


font family from Studio Filigran, added yesterday


Unique and raw, a bit clumsy and irregular. Funny and odd but charming like every scamp.


font family from Comicraft, added yesterday

Ghost Town

The Gold Rush is over, the prospectors have made their fortune and the mine has been worked out! The inhabitants of Boomtown USA have moved on -- the saloon is dry, the sheriff has hung his hat and the only visitors to the local whorehouse are tumbleweeds.


font family from Leo Colalillo, added August 7th


Grosser (Größer) is a german word, which means "bigger/larger" and this is why the font is so heavy. The design of the font is inspired by the northern European architecture, with its clean lines, simple and strict.