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font family from Baseline Fonts, added today

Grit Sans™

Grit Sans is a font balanced enough to stand strong on the tippy-toes of its pointed “t” ascenders. Even all caps communicates calm. Dashes of whimsy in the proportionately plump X-Heights tell of the accountant drinking too much sherry at the office Christmas party, but thick, consistent strokes never lets you forget his job title. Ascenders and descenders consistently reach the same heights and depths, further attesting to the reliability of this typeface, at even very small sizes.


font family from Baseline Fonts, added today

Grit Gothic™

You can hear the wheels of imagination turning within this font - Grit Gothic, from Grit History™ B Series, by Baseline Fonts.


font family from The Northern Block, added August 16th


A geometric sans serif with a square chiseled appearance. Precise curves are met with straight lines and tapered angles to produce a fresh, technical typeface. It’s large x-height and neutral width give it good legibility at small point sizes. These refined rectangular features make it ideally suited to a wide range of modern applications. Details include 550 characters with alternative lowercase a, e, g and y. 5 variations of numerals, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.


font family from Sebastian Cabaj, added August 16th


font family from Dear Alison, added yesterday


If you are like me, you love to doodle in a sketchbook when traveling abroad to capture the indescribable moments that a camera or video would miss. Years ago, on a trip to Spain, I penned out this fanciful handwritten script and just fell in love with it.


font family from Sebastian Cabaj, added today


font family from Jeff Levine, added today

Geometric Patterns JNL

Geometric Patterns JNL offers a large and varied assortment of interesting design variations in a ‘tiled’ (square) format that can be adapted to spot embellishments, running borders or repetitive patterns.


font family from Tkachev, added today


GoodBadUgly is a new sans serif type with a Wild West flair.

This font family will be the best solution for posters, signage, magazine, product branding, corporate branding, logos and titles.


font family from Misprinted Type, added today

Grandpas Typewriter

Granpa’s typewriter comes from a antique Olivetti Typewriter Machine I have. This font has all of the effects a typewriter machine can offer you: a regular version, a strong hit version, a light distressed version, a double-hit version and X version, which is a compilation of several typewriter mistakes, tests and stains. This font is specially handy when trying to use a typewriter effect on an edgy/grunge work, where theres no worry about perfection!


font family from Comicraft, added yesterday

Gabriel Bautista

Comix Gorilla GABRIEL BAUTISTA is the artist of John JG Roshell’s CHARLEY LOVES ROBOTS series. His incredible watercolors graced the pages of ELEPHANTMEN #50. In some circles he is known as “Galvo” or “Gabo” and he has brought his brofu color skills to the pages THE SPIRIT, ALL STAR WESTERN and also illustrated JESUS CHRIST, IN THE NAME OF THE GUN. He is also the creator of comic battling site ENTERVOID.COM and indy press PULPOPRESS.COM. He loves his girl, his dog lulu and his font.