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H Category Fonts

font family from Hiba Studio, added February 20th

HS Elham

HS Elham is a modern Kufi font with a new idea with round shapes. It is a decorative font with mathematical proportions. It is based on Hasan Elham font with a new idea for connecting letters one another. It also includes new shapes for many letters. It may be considered a new modification version of Hasan Elham. It is useful for titles and graphic projects and supports Arabic, Persian and Urdu.


font family from Hiba Studio, added February 20th

HS Amal

The earlier release of Hasan Amal typeface was in 2008. It has introduced modern OpenType Arabic Typeface which combines the features of Kufi and Naskh Style with noticeable both curvy and sharp segments beside the refinements of its letters which made it more readable.


font family from Hiba Studio, added February 20th

HS Alfaris

The idea of this font started while designing a logotype for a company named (Mazarat), consisting of 3D geometric looking shapes and overall structure. After designing several words, I thought of using the design concept of this logo to develop a geometric Kufi font for headline category.


font family from Hiba Studio, added February 20th

HS Al Basim A

HS Albasim A is an Arabic display typeface. It is useful for headlines, books covers and other graphic projects.


font family from Cuda Wianki, added February 15th


Hola! This is our new handwritten font. It’s casual, young and pretty, perfect for logotypes, magazines, writing notes and comments.

Thanks to many ligatures and alternate characters it is varied handwriting font.



font family from Måns Grebäck, added February 15th


family of 3 fonts from Juraj Chrastina, added January 18th

Handy Labels

With this template set you can make endless tags, shopping sale designs, discounts or anything you want. Handy Labels is a bunch of 26 different layered and customizable vector clip arts. They are easily accessible through a set of 3 fonts, each containing 52 glyphs. You can but you don't have to use any vector graphics editor. You even don't have to work with multiple layers if you don't want to.


family of 2 fonts from JCFonts, added January 24th

Hand Gothic

Hand Gothic is a condensed typeface with a hand-lettering feeling, available in two weights.


family of 2 fonts from Design23, added January 21st


family of 1 font from Stephen Rapp, added January 15th


Hiatus bridges the gap between formal scripts used for invitations and more classic settings and casual scripts that exude a warmer tone. Like many formal scripts, Hiatus is fully connecting. Its low body height combined with generous letterspacing adds an elegant profile to lines of text. Like casual scripts, Hiatus has a warm, hand-lettered appearance with great rhythm. Solid in structure; Hiatus also sets well at smaller sizes.