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I Category Fonts

font family from Jeff Levine, added yesterday

Informational Gothic JNL

The Wood-Regan Instruments Company (Wrico) of New Jersey manufactured for decades a line of lettering kits called the Wrico Sign Maker. With only special ink pens, plastic templates and a template guide anyone could letter clean, clear signs, posters and notices.


font family from Yes Please, added February 25th


International is an homage to mid-century modernist trilines. Offering contemporary, well-balanced proportions and a lack of heavily dated styling affectations, International brings a uniquely modern sensibility to the triline style.


font family from Hanoded, added February 14th

Inky Fingers

Inky Fingers… Well, the name says it all! This rather obese font was made by hand (literally) using my index finger, some sheets of paper and a lot of Chinese ink. As the eco-paper absorbed quite a lot of ink, I had to do a second ink-run!

Inky Fingers is a very legible typeface, ideal for headlines, books and posters. It comes with Babylonian language support - including the Schwa/schwa glyphs for the Azeri speaking crowd. Ain't I nice?


font family from Scannerlicker, added in 2012

Illiad Sans™

Illiad Sans is an adventurous type family, brave and charismatic, built for editorial contexts. The proportions are reduced in order to supress the need of small caps, avoiding editing hassles.


font family from Just My Type, added in 2012

Illuminations Woodcut

Illuminations Woodcut is inspired by the decorated initial capitals of Medieval manuscripts… and an old book of clip art in which they were found. Try decomposing them in Adobe Illustrator and coloring the pieces or dropping color into them in Photoshop: you can get some stunning results. Caps only.


font family from Fernando Forero, added February 5th

Ishia Antiqua

font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added January 15th

Imperial Granum™

Imperial Granum is designed primarily as a Roman Title and lettering face, combining formality and dignity with a delightful touch of ‘Arts and Crafts’ like hand drawn design. The regular form of Imperial Granum (which is inspired by a beautifully hand-lettered early 20th century food advertisement) offers two sizes of capitals, in order to provide true 'small-capitals' lettering. Similarly, the Ornamental form consists exclusively of capitals and is designed to be able to mix and match with the regular form.

The miniscule form can, of course, be used in its own right, but is primarily intended to complement

the regular and ornamental forms. All three faces are offered in regular and bold weights. Explore some Edwardian Arts and Crafts typographical fun today!


font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added January 15th


Isometrica is the latest in Greater Albion’s line of ‘Banner’ typefaces. Like all of the banner faces they lend themselves to the design of mastheads and logos. Isometrica is also a meeting of architectural drawing and typeface design, given bold two coloured concertina banners with letters appearing page by page. A range of decorative end pieces are also included. Bring your designs to life with lettering that stands up off the page!


font family from La Goupil, added January 10th


Insolente is a versatile and realistic human script by La Goupil Paris, perfect for giving your designs a personal touch.