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M Category Fonts

font family from Jeff Levine, added yesterday

McCadden JNL

McCadden JNL was inspired by the hand-lettered credits for the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show [1950-1958]. Its casual theme offers a lighthearted approach to titling and display work.


font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added February 27th


Some time ago, when we were working on our Merrivale family, it occurred to us that an adaptation of

the design, incorporating selected Blackletter elements, would be in the best traditions of 19th and 20th century blackletter revivals, which combine all the spirit of the middle ages with modern legibility-think

of Goudy Medieval as an example. In the case of Merrivaux (best quality faux-medieval name there!) we've produced a typeface which has the ready legibility of Roman titling, but which gives a subtle blackletter feel. The regular form of Merrivaux is incised with a visible midline, a solid form with identical metrics is also offered. Both forms include a range of opentype features including ligatures, fractions,

old style numerals and terminal forms. Merrivaux is ideal for posters, signage and design work, where

a touch of that 'Olde-Worlde' feel is needed.


font family from Måns Grebäck, added February 27th


font family from Mom, added February 27th

Mirror Display Bold

Mirror Display is based on the condensed sans. Developed to ‘double view’ to give readers the same feeling they have when looking to a work of art they don't understand at first glance.


font family from Jagjagvi, added February 18th


Macro is a hand-drawn display font available in a regular and a bold version.

Both versions come with double upper cases. Prepare to make a monstrous statement!


font family from Jagjagvi, added February 18th

Macro Print

Macro Print is a display font available in a regular and a bold version.


font family from Eurotypo, added February 14th


font family from Hanoded, added February 14th


Meshuggeneh means ‘crazy fool’ in Yiddish. The typeface before you is kind of crazy as well:

it is 3D, twisted, with light and shadows in all directions.

Meshuggeneh comes with all diacritics, oy veh!


family of 3 fonts from Laura Worthington, added January 11th


Creation of this typeface for titling, display, and logos was inspired by my exploration and drawing of forms found in nature. Refined, quiet and elegant, yet quirky enough to employ slim filaments that somehow are not faint of heart, Mandevilla is named for the verdant tropical vine. The sturdy plant has firm footing in the soil, then climbs, curving around trees, stretching toward the light, bridging earth and sky.


family of 16 fonts from Los Andes, added January 16th


Moderna is a sans serif family inspired in simplicity of Modernism.