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N Category Fonts

font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Nondescript JNL

One good pun is worth a simple description… Nondescript JNL… ‘Non’ - not. ‘de’ - of, in Spanish. script - a cursive (handwritten) letter form.


font family from Hubert Jocham Type, added in 2012

Narziss Pro Cyrillic

Since Mommie, I gradually got more into swirly ornaments. The massive contrast in the neoclassic style is perfect for thin swirly extentions to the characters. Even in an upright typeface. Narziss is very elegant in big headlinesizes. Use it only very big.


font family from Andinistas, added in 2012


Naturalia font was designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo in 2012 and suggests an ultra-narrow, spontaneous and winding handwriting lettering, it is great for composing short and striking sentences. His idea behind not only alludes asymmetrical shapes but simple glyphs that compact vertical and tight proportions between lower case and upper case letters. Indeed, lower case letters have ascendant and descendant strokes shorter than the “x” height and width is generally condensed, saving horizontal space and supporting monolinear amount of contrast between thick and thin strokes accompanied by their sans serif endings.


font family from PintassilgoPrints, added in 2012

Nova Horst

Nova Horst is an amplified version of Horst, a highly original font (MyFonts Rising Star) based on etchings by the extraordinary artist and printmaker Horst Janssen.


font family from URW++, added in 2012


Naej is a font family for recreational children’s storybooks. It is somewhat neohumanist in design, organic rather than mechanical. Calligraphic, with a humanist axis, Naej connotes the flavor of the Renaissance letters. Modulated stroke, modest x-height, modest contrast, large counters and apertures. This humanist influence has led to a typeface design that is legible, fun, and inviting with a touch of elegance.


font family from Type Innovations, added in 2012


Nadia is an original design by Alex Kaczun. It is a modern stencil interpretation of Granjon Oldstyle, highlighted by large elongated serifs, generous proportions and a large x-height. It is an elegant display for headlines as well as text.


font family from Khalid Jassim, added in 2012

New Way

This font is good to use for any modern style magazine/posters etc. The letters in this font will give writing a nice look. It will be a perfect use for anything that needs to look fancy.


font family from Khalid Jassim, added in 2012


This font was created for use in a ”bird nest story”. It can be used for any other things but the main idea is that someone looking for a font to use anything related with birds, this can be a perfect match.


font family from DSType, added in 2012


font family from Corradine Fonts, added in 2012


Neuron puts a chemist’s twist on standard block-style print to create a fresher version of the elemental alphabet. Widely spaced letters and a slightly tall x-height have a clean effect for great readability. Squarish shapes are stylized to retain curved tails, achieving a neutral appearance that makes it very versatile. A thick width in ExtraBold, Black and Heavy give stand-out strength for headlines and branding, without affecting legibility. This modern sans-serif family includes 16 variants, and covers Latin, Central European and Cyrillic characters.