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font family from Tour De Force, added today


Language is a must,

please clean your book’s dust.


font family from Wiescher Design, added May 10th


font family from Fonts of Chaos, added yesterday

Natural Born Designer

True bold font, only available in uppercase but with different styles. This font of 106 characters is really easy to use in your design and takes his inspiration from the old school post graffiti. The name comes from the movie “Natural Born Killers” by Oliver Stone.


font family from Fonts of Chaos, added yesterday


A true north font of 152 characters, inspired by the black metal culture but more readable.


font family from Fontfabric, added May 20th

Nexa Slab™

Nexa Slab is a geometric slab serif font whose design is based on the already popular best-seller Nexa.


font family from Hanoded, added May 20th


Nanuk in the Inuit language means polar bear. My 2 year old son’s favorite animal is the polar bear and he loves to watch the ‘Earth’ DVD.

Nanuk font is an all caps, outlined affair, ideal for use in posters and covers. It comes with a bear-load of diacritics!


font family from Thinkdust, added yesterday


Nanami is a brand new Japanese inspired type family. Originally influenced by early swiss geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular in use throughout Japan during the 1970s. Nanami consist of 18 individual weights ranging from Thin through to Black. It also has extensive support for over 27 languages, and as a font family that works well both in headlines and bodycopy, Nanami is the perfect choice for a whole variety of creative briefs.


font family from OhType!, added today

NOh Carbone

NOh CARBONE is a serif typeface with more than 250 glyphs, including Capitals, Small Letters, Numbers & Special glyphs and Punctuation. Appropriate for medium and large formats, its high contrast, strong features & aggressive and unconventional diagonal endow it with great elegance and give it distinction over other types of the same style.


font family from ShinnType, added today


A neoclassical fancy.


font family from Fontfabric, added today

Nexa Slab Bold