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font family from Novo Typo, added July 26th

NT Guru

NT Guru is a multiple layered typeface especially designed for display use. To create beautiful typographic designs the possibilities are endless by using layers and colors. A beautiful set of arrows and multiple language support makes Guru complete for any unique and ornamental design.

NT Guru is a set of 5 fonts designed by Novo Typo (typo)graphic designers from Amsterdam - The Netherlands.


font family from CozyFonts, added today


Noodlerz is the 3rd font designed for Cozy Fonts Foundry. It is the second ‘handwriting style’ type fonts designed to have a very casual but organized voice in it’s coloring when set in text. You might say Noodlerz is a cross between a sharpie & a vintage typewriter alphabet font.


font family from Corradine Fonts, added August 29th

Neuron Angled™

Neuron Angled is based in the idea of Neuron, the original font designed in 2012 by Corradine Fonts' team, keeping from its predecessor the proportions and slight narrowness. In this version the rounded edges are replaced by sharp contours and flat endings.

A broader typographic system is proposed in Neuron Angled to obtain a versatile and modern typeface without missing its original distinctive style.

The neutral aspect of the family allows its application in a wide range of projects specially in those related with branding, signage and editorial design.

The Neuron Angled family consists of four styles with eight weights each one, for a total of thirty two fonts. The different fonts of the family are not just complementary to each other, but can be used to complement the original version of Neuron.

Its wide character map provides coverage for Western European, Eastern European and Cyrillic scripts.


font family from Thinkdust, added today

Nanami Rounded

Nanami Rounded is a heavily engineered follow up to the hugely successful Nanami, which debuted at MyFonts #1 Hot New Fonts for over 2 weeks. Nanami Rounded is a carefully engineered take on the original Nanami family. We kept the curve very slight in order to keep the clean corporate balance, and not to go into a style that was too friendly. Nanami Rounded consists of 18 weights ranging from Thin through to Black. It has also extensive support for over 50 languages, and as a font family that works well both in headlines and bodycopy, Nanami Rounded is the perfect choice for a whole variety of creative briefs. Pick up this brand new font family (18 weights) on introductory offer with an unheard of 90% OFF!


font family from GRIN3 (Marcinowicz), added today


Nageka is a distorted typeface, ideal for posters, slogans, headlines, particularly for hardcore bands' posters. The additional set of dirt patterns is comfortable to use with subtitles.


font family from Scholtz Fonts, added today


Noobia is a casual, energetic handwritten font, with plenty of movement. Its moving baseline creates a funky, busy, dramatic impression.


font family from Twenty-Six Types, added yesterday


Neustade is a layered typeface based on a simple grid, taking inspiration from the work of Wim Crouwel and Foundry Types. I challenged myself to create a typeface where words and letters can appear within or outside of other words and letters with the help of layering.


font family from Synthview, added yesterday

Novecento Slab

Novecento Slab is the “slab serif” companion of Novecento Sans, a font family inspired on european typographic tendencies between the second half of 19th century and first half of the 20th.

This font face is designed to be used mostly for headlines, visual identities or short sentences, both in big and small sizes.

Novecento Slab family comes in 32 styles, speaks 76 latin based languages, has 590 glyphs and 16 stylistic opentype features for advanced typography.


font family from Naghi Naghachian, added October 14th


I dedicate this font family to Nima Yooshij (1896-1960), the great poet and innovator of Persian poetry.


font family

NOh Green Raven

Green Raven is a typeface that speaks for itself, with personality and impact, wide lowercase and imposing uppercase. Generous counter forms make it highly readable in small sizes but always defending their strength, aggression and character.