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font family from m u r, added February 15th

Old School Tattoo™

Old school sailor tattoo lettering.


family of 1 font from Schizotype, added January 25th


Meet Ollie, a casual signage script whose friendly, bouncy exterior belies a heart of sophisticated OpenType programming. This font is designed to make the most of OpenType savvy applications, and as such is recommended for professional design use. Or to put it another way: Make sure that contextual alternates and ligatures are always turned on!


family of 2 fonts from Catharsis Fonts, added February 4th


Octant is an original display typeface drawing inspiration from Victorian-age steel and brass engineering, as well as from blackletter typography. Despite its many innovative departures from traditional letter architecture at the detail level, its overall shape is based on the familiar timeless proportions of humanist serif tradition, which renders it easily legible.


font family from Design23, added January 23rd


font family from Studio Filigran, added January 17th


font family from Graviton, added January 10th


font family from Eurotypo, added January 4th


font family from Hallmark, added in 2012

Ottum™ HMK

Inspired by classic script forms, Ottum HMK will be effective when a touch of femininity is required.


font family from Hallmark, added in 2012

Okrien™ HMK

Okrien HMK evokes a tribal or rustic feel that emulates carved letters and a touch of the exotic.


font family from JBFoundry, added in 2012

Only One Dollar

It isn’t very beautiful, very badly written, but it’s cheap. C'est pas bien beau, très mal écrit, mais c'est pas cher.