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P Category Fonts

font family from Sudtipos, added in 2012

Platinus Script Pro

Platinus Script Pro is the latest example of what has now become a Sudtipos tradition: Adapting conventional calligraphic methods from the last two centuries to produce modern digital scripts for the current one.


font family from Studio K, added in 2012

Pier Arcade

This font is inspired by all those end-of-the-pier amusement arcades and fairground rides. The glitz, glamour and thrills that soon turned to giddiness and nauseau after a spin on the Roller Coaster or a bumpy ride on the Dodgems! It’s also a bit of a nod to comic book graphics of the Marvel era and the superheroes who deliver knockout punches in a spew of drop shadow typography. With Pier Arcade you can now create your own fairground ride or comic book adventure. Enjoy!


font family from Posterizer KG, added in 2012

Posterizer KG Rounded

Posterizer Kg Rounded, is basically rounded version of Egyptian, Slab Serif font

Posterizer Kg. By adding rounded corners on serifs, the strict form disappears, in that way, the font gets softer form. Posterizer Kg Rounded is useful for sweet themes like cookies, puppies, love, joy, or some other similar things.


font family from Dmitry Savin, added February 14th


font family from, added February 13th

Piece Of Youth

font family from chicken, added February 11th


So the lumber was cheap - just a pile of offcuts - and so was the carpenter… And you couldn't say he was exactly lazy, but he was certainly efficient… mostly he would just cut a couple of planks to size, slice off a corner now and then, once in a blue moon hash up a curve… I guess he didn't have a drill, cos there are no holes… and he sure as hell didn't have a ruler… But he did have some kind of an eye, and until it falls off the wall it'll look pretty OK…


font family from PiS, added February 8th

PiS LIETZ Berlham

Need a perfect typeface for your post-apocalyptic shooting game? A documentary about suffragettes?

Your vintage themed coffeeshop? PiS Lietz Berlham! Boom!


font family from Nonpareille, added February 6th

Petit Serif

Petit Serif is an interpretation (with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic versions) based on the lettering done at 55 Broadway, S.W.1, London, by Percy J. Delf Smith. It’s a sans serif presenting the classic proportions of the Roman Square Capitals, yet it does show tiny serifs due to the use of a brush. Intended mostly for signs, Petit Serif doesn’t have a lower case. In addition to the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, it also offers alternative designs for the letters A and I, intended for the Basque language.


font family from Hanoded, added January 31st

Petit Oiseau

Petit Oiseau (Little Bird in French) is a very nice and very legible 'back-to-school' kind of typeface.

It is thin, elegant and stylish, yet retains a certain youthfulness.

Petit Oiseau comes with Babylonian language support!


font family from PiS, added January 31st

PiS HansHand Pro

HansHand started out in 2003 as a simple free font, the adaption of my grimy handwriting. For its 10th anniversary it got a complete overhaul and lots of new characters.