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P Category Fonts

font family from Hallmark, added in 2012

Pam™ HMK

PamHMK is a connecting, informal script font with a consistent, flowing appearance. Its legible penmanship has a positive energy with a slight feminine touch.


font family from Jagjagvi, added in 2012

Push Ups

Is it ironic? Maybe. Is it a propaganda font? Nope. Is it witty? Yes. Is it suitable for selling ice cream?

Very much so.


font family from John Moore Type Foundry, added in 2012


“Petroglifos” is a dingbats font as a collection of pre-Hispanic petroglyphs of indigenous ethnic Venezuela, most of them are found in signs carved in stone or painted in caves of the pre-Hispanic period, each icon is an accurate representation of these ancestral signs. Forms are very interesting

from a visual, anthropological, historical and semiotic point of view.


font family from Wooden Type Fonts, added in 2012

Peerless 131 Bold

A revival of one of the popular wooden type fonts of the 19th century, suitable for display, or text, closely related to Latin.


font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Public Utility JNL

Public Utility JNL digitally duplicates the look of those small white-on-black self-adhesive stickers used by cities, power companies and telecommunication firms in order to identify utility poles and other service locations.


font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Promotional Copy JNL

The typeface which inspired Promotional Copy JNL can be found on hundreds of 45 rpm records from the 50s through the 80s, as well as in headlines from articles found in one of the music industry’s leading publications throughout their older issues – it was a favorite and a workhorse.


font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Prankster JNL

Prankster JNL gets its inspiration from a casual typeface popularly used in print ads of the 1950s and 1960s. Its friendly, unstructured approach to titles made the style an all-purpose workhorse of the era.


font family from Throndsen, added in 2012

Phat Brush

font family from Celebrity Fontz, added in 2012

Pretzel Dough™

The Pretzel Dough font was inspired by a challenge to make the letters of the alphabet and numbers from the same bowl of pretzel dough. The result is this whimsical and fun typeface. Comes with full set of accented characters.


font family from Canada Type, added in 2012


Originally made for a health food store chain we cannot name, Pipa is the embodiment of organic display typography. Although it draws inspiration from some cold type ideas, like the uncredited Atlantis from VGC and a couple of older photo-lettering faces, its overall expression is right in line with what has become today’s vernacular in integrity organic display packaging.