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P Category Fonts

font family from La Goupil, added in 2012

Paris Serif

PARIS SERIF is an affordable avant-gardist hand-drawn serif typeface by LA GOUPIL, Paris. It’s an all-caps thin font, with extended glyphs for many languages. But the little difference of PARIS SERIF from other handwriting typefaces is the avant-gardist style that brings her a retro look and directly familiar. This font is also available in sans serif.


font family from SpideRaYsfoNtS, added in 2012

PI R^2

Why is this font is called Pi R^2 (Pi R Squared) ? It is the formula used to calculate the area of a circle. I am fascinated with Mathematics, and I wanted to try and generate a font that only used the most basic of geometric shapes the Circle and the Square however I had to add the humble Triangle to this list in order to create Pi R^2 my latest font and first of my commercial fonts.


font family from Sudtipos, added in 2012

Poem Script Pro

Poem Script is a mixed collection of interpretations conjuring a late nineteenth century American pen script style.


font family from JBFoundry, added in 2012

Purple Line

Purple Line is a simple script in five weights.


font family from RMU, added in 2012

Primana Pro™

font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Poster Plain JNL

Poster Plain JNL and its oblique counterpart offer the simple, hand-lettered look of home-made poster board projects with a bold, friendly typeface.


font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Partial Eclipse JNL

Take a classic wood type design, add some white panels to parts of the letters and numbers and you end up with Partial Eclipse JNL, a novelty display font that adds a clean, yet unique look to your digital or print project. A little experimentation can go a long way!


font family from Storm, added in 2012

Preissig Antikva Pro

This vintage, iconic typeface of original Czech letter-founding has been faithfully revised, extended and newly rendered in 2012.


font family from Borutta, added in 2012


Polon is a secesion typefece inspired by old headline font used in Polish Newspaper" Gazeta Polska" in 30’s.


font family from Partnrz, added in 2012


Beware of the Phantasm! Just in time for Halloween, Phantasm is perfect for your creepiest projects. It has great legibility and boasts a much larger character set than most display fonts. It can look wispy and vaporous, or you can make it look like it has been scratched into a surface by hand. All letterforms use a minimum of strokes and the gentle curves reinforce the hand-etched look.