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P Category Fonts

font family from Pixilate, added yesterday

Pocket Px

Inspired by illustration lettering, Pocket has a contemporary, quirky feel. Its combination of narrow and round forms give it a humorous feel.It has support for most western and central European languages, and has alternates for most letterforms, allowing for variations that make it look authentically hand-drawn.


font family from Jeff Levine, added yesterday

Printers Parts JNL

The thirty images contained in Printers Parts JNL are another assortment of wonderful dingbats from various vintage sources. Brackets, ornaments, end caps, arrows, pointing hands and advertising phrases are part of the wide and various choices and styles found within this font.


font family from Borutta, added yesterday


Picadilly family was made after my short visit in London and huge impression of Edward Johnston works. I've designed family of 12 modern typefaces with strong detail in the form of sharp inktraps.


font family from Emigre, added yesterday


Program is a type designer’s typeface. It’s about the craft of typeface design and the particular details and effects that type designers fret over when they design type. It mixes different structures, stem endings, and weight distributions not usually employed in a single family of fonts. It features both rounded edges evoking the effects of reproduction, and ink traps, the technique used to counteract that effect. The idea was to create a series of fonts with strong individualistic features, challenging the constraints of a central theme that is usually imposed on a family of fonts, while still relating to each other in terms of overall look and feel.


font family from PiS, added yesterday

PiS LIETZ Germion

LIETZ Germion draws inspiration from viennese jugendstil scripts. It features strong geometric figures

but with a scruffy handwritten poster-look and a distressed feel.


font family from SpideRaYsfoNtS, added April 10th


This font was created for my personal projects however I have had lots of interest from others wanting to use this for their own projects requesting it as an Open Type font that has print and preview embedding rights for use with PDF’s and other electronic media. It now has a complete character set including Basic Latin, Extended Latin containing over 230 glyphs.


font family from Dyslexica, added April 9th


The theme of Perkly came from trying to envision a font that was easy to read yet had a distinctly unique look.


font family from PR Fonts, added April 12th


Inspired by food labels, signs and coats of arms, PR-Scrolls is a collection of images which can be used for framing text in contexts where antiquity, craftsmanship, or traditional quality are conveyed. There are several sets of glyphs which work together to make a variety of shapes, or banners of custom length. Most of the glyphs are presented in a range of three or more widths.


font family from PR Fonts, added yesterday


This font includes the symbols Valknut, Triple spiral, Triquetra, and Horn Triskelion, associated with Odin, and ancient Norse and Celtic cultures. Each of these symbols is presented in outline and solid forms, and in vertically and horizontally mirrored forms.


font family from Megami Studios, added yesterday


Out from a turn-of-the-century cartoon, Pennywhistle evokes the silly symphonies and merry melodies of an earlier age, while playing footloose and fancy free for a modern age.