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font family from Jeff Levine, added January 23rd

Recreation JNL

Recreation JNL is Jeff Levine’s own take on a popular vintage typeface from the late 50s or early 60s

that’s seen a resurgence in recent years. While the basic alphabet is somewhat modeled from the classic design, all the other characters in the font are original.


font family from Studio K, added January 15th

Red Top

Red Top is the UK name for the tabloid press, the scandal sheets of journalism, scourge of royalty, errant politicians and public figures, and celebrants of sex, celebrity and astrology: all human life is there as they used to say in the now defunct News of the World. For the budding media moguls amongst you – or for designers who want to make their headlines shout a little louder – here at last is Red Top the font. Splash it all over!


font family from Octopi, added in 2012


According to the Type Heritage Project, this font (designer unknown) was cut by Henry Brehmer of New York for the Dickinson Type Foundary of Boston in c1879 and had the original trade name of Renaissant. John F. Cumming later cut a light-face derivative called “Artistic”.


font family from The Northern Block, added in 2012


A compact sans serif with a technical origin. Each character was drafted out from a grid template and then refined through the application of subtle curved detailing. The result is a precise, contemporary typeface best suited to identity, mobile and video game development. Details include 9 weights with italics, 500 characters, 5 variations of numerals, stylistic alternatives, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.


font family from Associated Typographics, added in 2012


Boring Sans? No way!


font family from Ray Meadows, added in 2012

RM Luceat

With a nod to the Golden Age of children’s stories, this delightful font will have many uses. ‘Luceat’ is the Latin for ‘shine’ and we arer sure you will agree that this is a shining example of the genre.


font family from profonts, added in 2012

Retroactive Pro

profonts Retroactive Pro is an all-caps texture font with four variations for each letter. This enables the user to create letter graphics that seem to have a unique handmade texture. Ideal for applications which are supposed to have a vintage or distressed look.


font family from Schizotype, added in 2012

Range Serif™

Range Serif is a sharp, contemporary, wedge serif typeface with just a hint of fraktur influence. There are five weights from light to black, each with corresponding italics.


font family from Spinefonts, added in 2012


My friends didn't use capitals when sending me text messages, e-mails and using all their digital toys. At the beginning, I was feeling ignored. But after time I thought, that... I can do something for them.


font family from A New Machine, added in 2012


Radial is a multi-line retro sans-serif font that is reminiscent of fonts from the 70s / disco era. It is all caps, but the lower case glyphs have rounded edges for a subtle difference if you are looking for a softer look. Use open type for some discretionary ligatures of common letter pairs (when set in all caps). Great for use on posters and in headline copy.