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R Category Fonts

font family from Jeff Levine, added in 2012

Roman Wood Type JNL

Roman Wood Type JNL is based on a partial set of wood type in the style of Clarendon Condensed that was seen in an online auction.


font family from moretype, added in 2012


Rehn is a confident, modern, open sans with a finely tuned range of weights from thin to extra bold. This cool, dependable hardworking font comes with small caps, ligatures, automatic fractions, proportional/tabular lining and old style figures, numerators, denominators, superiors and inferiors, case sensitive forms and alternative glyphs and will provide the complete toolkit for all your typographic needs.


font family from moretype, added in 2012

Rehn Condensed

With all the features of its wider relative, Rehn Condensed has been specifically designed for those situations where space is a premium.


font family from Rene Bieder, added in 2012


RBNo2.1 is a condensed sans serif typeface with a technical and geometric appearance. The family includes 2 versions (RBNo2.1a and RBNo2.1b) and has 7 weights with matching italics.


font family from Manuel Ramos, added in 2012


This font is shown creating contrast between vertical and horizontal forms, high readability, offers an elegant reading.


font family from Dmitry Savin, added in 2012


font family from Baobaby Studio, added in 2012

Retro Frames

font family from Ray Meadows, added in 2012

RM Smoothsans

A family of soft, rounded, yet bold display faces which can successfully be used in conjunction with one another.


font family from Glen Jan, added in 2012

Road Radio

font family from John Moore Type Foundry, added yesterday


A funny look with the spirit of the radio’s golden age, RadioTime is a typeface based on the handwritten alphabets of the ’30, ’40 and ’50.

RadioTime comes with two styles: Regular and Tooled, in standards connected letters to imitated continuos handwritting and it’s provided with specials characters like swash, terminals, lower case numbers as well as an unlinked set of characters. RadioTime comes also with a wide kind of icons and ornaments. All this features provides the Word with the fun spirit and speed of those times of bustle. Radio Time was a winner in “Tipos Latinos 2010”, The Fourth Biennial of Latin-American Typography. RadioTime Icons offers a thorough and well drawn vintage collection of 63 icons that tells the story of the glory days of radio, charts, dials, automobiles, airplanes and people who set the mood of those days.