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font family from Qbotype, added yesterday


font family from ParaType, added today

Roundhand BT

Roundhand was created by Matthew Carter in 1966 on the basis of handwriting by Charles Snell, an English calligrapher of XVII-XVIII known in particular by his "The Pen-man’s Treasury Open'd" written in 1694. The typeface has continuous cursive shapes with oval aspect, high contrast emphasized by abrupt transitions from thin to thick and regularity of slope. Its capitals are often used as initials in combinations with other typefaces. The current digital version of the typeface has 3 styles of different weights. Roundhand is clear and easy to read and is well-suited for medium size texts and headlines. It will work well in invitations, menus, packaging, and advertising accentuating elegance and the subtle nature of the content. The Cyrillic version was developed by Vladimir Yefimov and Isabella Chaeva.

Released by ParaType in 2013.


font family from Device, added today


Raw was designed in 2006 for Shelter, the UK homeless charity. It was originally called “Cathy”, after the film “Cathy Come Home”, which was instrumental in inspiring the founding of the charity.


font family from m u r, added today

Rich Handwriting™

Natural handwriting font.


font family from ARTypes, added today


font family from Hanoded, added yesterday


Retch - what’s in a name? Retch is a unique typeface, heaving with character. It is scary and grotesque and is made to look like letters scratched onto a metal surface.

Retch spits out most Latin based languages.


font family from CyberEstudio, added today


Reunion has an editorial style that features ornaments in the termination of their characters as small curves in the upstream and downstream parts of the letters, as well as some shots of slanted lines on top of the characters as “l”, “t”, “u”, etc.


font family from Måns Grebäck, added today

Remachine Script™

font family from Jeff Levine, added yesterday

Rustic Stencil JNL

A hand-lettered title on a children’s stencil book for sale in an online auction served as the basis for Rustic Stencil JNL. Reminiscent of classic wood type, this stencil design adds a Western-influenced flair to any typographic project.


font family from The Fontry, added yesterday

RACE1 Brannt™

Go fast around the track with the RACE1 Brannt family. Brannt is perfectly at home on the race-track or off. Slap it on a sign or a billboard for bold legibility--with or without the chisels. Or put it on a race-car and get ready to roar. Though I suspect you'll want the convex effect for track applications. And if Brannt isn't enough, if you want even more options, switch to Brannt Plus. It has a unique set of numbers and a uniformity amongst its letterforms not seen in the normal Brannt font. You can even explore your software’s character map for OpenType replacment features. And there’s also a layering effect to simplify the breakdown of the colors. By selecting from the style menu, the chiseled version of Brannt can be assembled with a background outline, the main glyph outline, and the foreground chisel effect. Stack up these three layers, set the colors, and simply, GO-!!!