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font family from MartinPlusFonts, added today

Realist Narrow

Realist Narrow is the ideal typeface for longer texts or whenever you want to use your layout space more economically (RealistNarrow is about 88% of the width of Realist). It’s flexible in weight and style, giving you in all 16 Fonts to choose from.


font family from MartinPlusFonts, added today


Realist is a straightforward typeface that speaks in a clear voice without appearing stern. It has so far been used for demanding editorial and corporate design, as well as product design and a film poster. It works for all expressions where the message plays the leading role.


font family from Happy Heart Fonts, added today

Rita Anne

A font I made in celebration of hard working, dedicated women who sacrifice to help others all over the world.


font family from Scrowleyfonts, added yesterday


Rondell was originally designed in 2011 as a reasonably priced variable width and weight font. There were a couple of things about it that I didn't like and so I withdrew it from sale. Since then I have found myself using it for many different projects and have realised how useful and versatile it is. Therefore I have fixed the things I didn't like about it and it is now available again.

Rondell is a simple, smart, sans serif font. Rounded corners make it slightly informal and friendly.


font family from Pretty, added yesterday

Royal Street

Royal Street is designed with an extended Latin character set tuned for about 140 languages (including Central European countries), and is designed with several common and discretionary ligatures.


font family from YOFF, added yesterday

Roger YOFF

font family from ARTypes, added yesterday


The Renzo™ types are mainly variations on the theme of Hermecito. The roman is a slightly lighter design and the wedge serifs of the Hermecito design are now much reduced and sharpened; the letters of the italic (originally called ‘Lucia’) are vertical. A and B fonts with alternative letters are supplied. Cyrillic and ‘polytonic’ Greek letters are contained in each of the regular fonts. If boldface is required the bold and extrabold forms of Hermecito can be used with the Renzo type comfortably. The high-resolution specimens (pdf for US Letter and A4) contain sample texts.


font family from ParaType, added today


Romanovsky is a font developed on the base of samples from the catalogue of Osip Lehman foundry in Sankt Petersburg. Original Latin design that was used for Romanovsky can be found in Feder Grotesk by Jacob Erbar. The current digital font is not a scanned version of Lehman’s samples but a newly drawn typeface that differ from the original in many details. Romanovsky is a sans serif typeface with narrow proportions and noticeable contrast. It will be good for headings and display matters. The character set covers languages of Western and Central Europe and Cyrillic based languages. It also contains around 20 ligatures of upper case letters for the most frequent combinations. Designed by Vasily Buryukov. Released by ParaType in 2013.


font family from Stiggy & Sands, added yesterday

Rum Raisin Pro

Our Rum Raisin Pro was inspired by the lettering from a vintage Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal box, yet is has expanded from what was originally a unicase design to include a lowercase character set. For those seeking to use the original unicase A, you can find it in the Delta character slot. Fun and festive, this font plays the comic clown to perfection. The SmallCaps and extensive figure sets offer a change up to a slightly more serious tone or alternate personality for a wider range of use.


font family from Jeff Levine, added today

Ranch Land JNL

Ranch Land JNL is based on a classic French Clarendon wood type, many of which were popular in the 1800s and are now associated with either Western motifs or circus events.