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font family from Jeff Levine, added today

Rancher JNL

Rancher JNL was inspired by classic wood type. This wide, slab serif typeface is reminiscent of wanted posters, broadsides and other printed matter from the 1800s.


font family from Jeff Levine, added today

Ranch Hand JNL

Ranch Hand JNL is a tall, condensed wood type with slab serifs. The font is somewhat bolder in weight than Nostrand JNL, but like its counterpart, fully captures the spirit and flavor of Nineteenth Century advertising, fliers and notices.


font family from Greyletter, added yesterday


Named after the steadfast doctor from Albert Camus’ The Plague, Rieux is an even-tempered slab-serif that is confident without being cocky and approachable without being casual.

The aesthetic of Rieux is inspired by the industrial age. While the design is not directly derived from typefaces of that era, the shapes of letter-forms are informed by images of over-sized steel machines and the monolithic brick buildings that housed them.

Rieux is available in 5 weights and is ideal for uncatalogued, magazines, short publications and company collateral. In addition to supporting Western, Central and Eastern European languages, Rieux includes an array of OpenType features to provide a range of typographic options.

For applications where the typographic needs are not rigorous, a reduced character set version of Rieux is available. Called Rieux Minus, this version does not include any of the OpenType features with the exception of ligatures. The language support, however remains unchanged.


font family from Fontyou, added today

Respublika FY

With its shapes and contrasts, developed in ten styles, Respublika FY is a humanist sans serif typeface super family. Its weights from light to black, give designers opportunity to set layouts with rich contrasts.


font family from John Moore Type Foundry, added yesterday


Roadline is a professional display font collection of Streamline style for lettering, a style of lettering that was much in vogue from the 30 to the 60. Roadline aligns all your characters on a horizontal baseline and allows headlines or logos into three wide variables. Besides its connectors allow you to create variations ranging from elegant classics to radicals or creative situations, adapting to all target tones of voice message, it brings Roadline a series of pre-programmed parts in Opentype links for easy use and enable very creative and unexpected combinations. For its decorative character this typeface is very useful for headlines and logo creation. Relive the golden years of the brands with Roadline.


font family from OhType!, added yesterday


Inspired by the tracks of a railroad, with stems that narrow at the top, Railham typeface, like a train looks to the future without forgetting the fundamentals of a long road, detaining in the detail of every element to form a strong, fast and versatile family.


font family from JCFonts, added yesterday


Reso is an experimental geometric typeface built from a broken arc module. Its minimal and contemporary letter shapes makes it well suited for logo design, headers and short texts.

Five weights are available in OpenType format. The fonts include some standard OpenType features and support for most European languages.


font family from Samuelstype, added today


Rubica is a sans-serif family of fonts designed by Hans Samuelson. Based on geometrical shapes it is primarily intended for headline use but also offers excellent legibility in small sizes.

Originally drawn as a pitch for a headline font for one of Sweden’s major Supermarket chains, it has a warm and friendly tone. Figures are designed to do well in clear and legible pricing.

Stylistic sets offers a more text-friendly alternative for some letters.


font family from Atlantic Fonts, added September 10th


Rowboat is delightful and dependable. With plenty of funk and a salty set of double letter ligatures. Rowboat can make a splash. Bon voyage!


font family from SoftMaker, added today

Reyno Handwriting Pro™

Digitized handwriting fonts are a perfect way to give documents the “very special touch”. Invitations look simply better when handwritten than when printed in bland Arial or Times New Roman. Short handwritten notes look authentic and appealing. There are numerous occasions where handwritten text makes a better impression.