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U Category Fonts

font family from LayarBahtera, added February 14th

Universal Doomsday

font family from, added February 13th

Urgency Of Now

font family from, added February 13th

Uneasy Pillows

font family from Fernando Forero, added January 23rd


font family from Wilton Foundry, added in 2012


Unio is a fresh new friendly typeface with a little calligraphic touch - this gives Unio a very pleasing rhythm.


font family from Alejandro Arrojo, added in 2012


An imperfect handwriting and retro style font. Informal, authentic and very versatile. Lover of adventure travel, alternative sports, and home cooking. It feels more comfortable in large sizes but also can tell little stories.


font family from Dawnland, added yesterday

Uncle Lee

Meet Uncle Lee - a hand drawn and playful serif!


font family from URW++, added today

URW Urban™

URW Urban follows the trend of pattern fonts. Each character has been provided with an individual pattern created with a special stamp technique. To create a vivid typeface, there is a stylistic alternate for nearly every character. In this way the grotesque has a modern, unconventional look.


font family from Miguel Ibarra Design, added yesterday

Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy is a western styled typeface created by Miguel Ibarra. It was designed specifically for display and headline purposes. Urban Cowboy is a fun and bold typeface, that has a combination of western slab serifs with a modern “Tuscan” form. Perfect for that western look, or for a bold logotype. A single set of stylistic alternates can also be applied under ss01 for applications that support them.


font family from Stiggy & Sands, added today

Ultra Pro

Our Ultra Pro is an ultra bold slab typeface with nods to wood type styles like Clarendon and Egyptian. Its powerful and dramatic letterforms are both serious in form but friendly in appearance yet it is still easily legible. Perfect for power headlines and titling for impact, the SmallCaps and extensive figure sets only work to further expand the usefulness of the typeface across a wider gamut of design options.