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V Category Fonts

font family from Canada Type, added February 25th

Vox Round™

Vox Round is the softer version of the Vox family.


font family from TypoGraphicDesign, added February 25th

Viktors Littl Creepy Horror


The dark and sharp character of the typeface is a very unique atmosphere.

The letter-forms can with broken trees, rotten and old and branches are associated.

The partially pointed edges remind thorns (bushes) a rose.


font family from ParaType, added February 15th


Vaccine is a slab serif font family with a mixture of the usual and one-sided serifs. We call it ‘semi semi slab serif’. Serifs and terminals have soft rounded shapes, but stem junctions on the contrary use hard constructions. Such combination of basic design features makes the font distinct and strong in a setting and delicate and soft in appearance. This design peculiarity, together with low contrast and strong serifs, produces the qualities needed for using the font in small sizes, in low quality print, and in bad reading conditions. Vaccine got modern stylish design and has a prominent place in the set of popular faces.

The family consists of 10 members -- five weights with the corresponding italics. It can be used in a wide range of applications -- magazines, advertising, corporate identity, urban navigation, packaging, children books, etc.

Design by Manvel Shmavonyan with a help of Gayane Bagdasaryan as a consultant.

Released by ParaType in 2013.


family of 8 fonts from Borutta, added January 28th


Vitali is a variations of my last font Aneba_family.

This is geometric sans serif typeface family with a clean feel.

The low contrast and high x height is perfect for longer text and Headlines.

Vitali family contains 2 weights in two different styles - bold & italic.


font family from Decade Typefoundry, added February 11th

Vintage Badges

An awesome premium quality set of 26 layered badges. It’s a very versatile, “old timey” look, vintage and that can be used as logos, member badges, company badges, stamps, price reductions and much more.


font family from Hanoded, added February 11th


Ventana (Spanish for window) is an old-fashioned handwritten typeface. It was created using Chinese ink and a bamboo pen. The result is a rather classy, stylish font. Ventana is highly legible and comes with all the diacritics you'd probably ever want.


font family from Hanoded, added January 29th


Vermilion is one of those colors that are neither/nor. It’s an ancient hue, in between red and orange

and I kind of like the name.

Vermilion font is a hand written, narrow and tall typeface which comes with extensive language support.


font family from moretype, added January 23rd


Varly is a single weight handwritten style font. It’s slight slant and dynamic shapes create a font that is honest and charming but still lively enough to add flare. Varly can bring a personal touch to any project

it is used in.


font family from Fontscafe, added January 16th


The “Voluptate Pack” font is a smart sophisticated handwriting pack that includes ‘Voluptate’, ‘Voluptate Classic’ and ‘Voluptate Elements.’


font family from Greater Albion Typefounders, added January 15th

Valentine's Letters™

Remember party banners made out of string and letters on cutout card shapes? Well, Valentine’s letters is the typeface equivalent of these joyful banners. Valentine’s Letters will let you string heart shapes, each bearing an individual character across the page, making a romance filled banner. Have fun!